Emeritus Fellows

The Divisions of IUPAC may award the status of Emeritus Fellow to former members of the Division and its erstwhile Commissions and Subcommittees who have made outstanding contributions to IUPAC and, through chemistry, to the chemical sciences in general. Emeritus Fellows may be appointed during each Biennium, the number of appointments reflect the current Subcommittee structure of the Division. Fellows are kept abreast of Division activities and are encouraged to remain active with the Divisions as ad hoc consultants.

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The 2020-21 class of Emeritus Fellows is listed below with link to their bio or curricula vitae:

Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division (Div I)

Prof. Ian M. Mills (UK) – Member since the 80s, chair of the Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology and Units (I.1) in 1988 and later in 1998, chair of the IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS, superseded in 2020 by ICTNS). Co-author of the IUPAC Green Book, Professor Mills also played a leading role in the IUPAC work leading to the recent Système international d’unités (SI) redefinitions of the mole and kilogram.

Prof. Tomislav Cvitaš (Croatia) – Member since the 80s, President of the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division in 1998-1999, and later chair of the IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols (ICTNS) and co-author of the IUPAC Green Book

Prof. Ron Weir (Canada) – Member since 1988; initially involved in the commission on Thermodynamics (I.2) and chair of that commission in 1998-2001. He served twice as President of the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division, and in between also served as chair of the IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols.

Polymer Division (Div IV)

Prof. Michael Buback (Germany) – Member since 1997; Division President in 2012-2015

Prof. Bob Gilbert (Australia) – Members since 1991;  Division President in 1998-2001

Prof. Jung-Il Jin (Korea) – Member since 1991; Division President in 2006-2007 and IUPAC President in 2008-2009

Prof. Richard (Dick) G. Jones (UK) – Member since 1997

Prof. Pavel Kratochvíl (Czech Republic) – Member since 1979

Prof. Jean-Pierre Vairon (France) – Member since 1996


Chemistry and the Environment (Div VI)

Dr. Laura L. McConnell (US) – Titular or Associate Member of Division VI (2004-2019); President of Division VI (2012-2015) and Past President (2016-2017)

Dr. John B. Unsworth (UK) –  Member since 1994; Chair of the Advisory Committee on Crop Protection Chemistry (2010-2019)

Dr Yehuda Shevah (Israel) – Member since 1991, founding member of Division VI and chair of the former Commission on Soil and Water Chemistry (1991-2001)


Chemistry and Human Health (Div VII)

Prof. Michael Schwenk (Germany) – Titular Member and Secretary of Division VII (2010-2016); Task group member since 2004 and currently corresponding member with the Interdivisional Standing Committee on Green chemistry for Sustainable Development (2018-).


Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation (Div VIII)

Prof. G. Jeffery Leigh (UK) – Member since the late 60s starting in the Inorganic Chemistry Division (Div II); Div II President in 1996-1997. Member on Div VIII starting its creation inception in 2002.

Dr. Alan McNaught (UK) – Member since the later 70s, starting on the Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry; later member on the Division of Organic Chemistry (Div III) and on the IUBMB/IUPAC Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature. In the 90s, members and Secretary on the Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS), and also member on the Committee of Printed and Electronic Publications. First Div VIII President from 2002 to 2005.

Dr. Warren Powell (USA) – Member since the mid 60s, first in the subcommittee on carotenoid nomenclature. Later member and secretary (for 10 years) of the Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, member of Div III and of IDCNS. First Secretary of Div VIII from 2002 to 2007.


Inorganic Chemistry Division (Div II)
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division (Div III)
Analytical Chemistry Division (Div V)