Our Leadership

The Officers of the Union consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Past-President, the Secretary General, and the Treasurer. The President is the administrative head of the Union, and presides at the meetings of the Council, of the Bureau, and of the Executive Committee and is an ex officio member of all bodies of the Union. The President is responsible for reporting the State of the Union to each regular meeting of the Council.

The Vice-President is responsible for providing the Bureau with a critical assessment of the programs and the projects of all IUPAC bodies. The Vice-President, designated as President-Elect, shall assume the office of President in the event of the President being unable to perform the functions of that office without prejudice to the forthcoming period of office as President.

The Secretary General carries out the business of the Union as specified by the Council, by the Bureau, by the Executive Committee, or by the President, and is responsible for keeping its records and for the administration of the Secretariat.

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounts of the Union, prepares a budget for approval of the Bureau and the Council, approves expenditures from the funds of the Union, and, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, and is responsible for the investment and custody of the funds of the Union. The Treasurer ensures that an appropriate record of all financial authorities and transactions is maintained.

[Past Officers]