Each year IUPAC endorses a large number of independently organized conferences, symposiums and workshops that cover a wide range of specialized topics in chemistry. Endorsement by IUPAC attests to the quality of the scientific program and indicates the host country’s assurance that scientists from all countries may participate.

In general, IUPAC Endorsed conferences should be international in the sense that they are intended to attract participants from anywhere in the world. Conferences that are mainly regional in nature may be eligible if IUPAC Endorsement would help attract a more international audience.

Applying for IUPAC Endorsement of a Conference or Symposia

An application for IUPAC Endorsement (AIE) must be made preferably 2 years and at least 12 months before the Conference. Normally, the Plenary and Invited lectures are published in the Union’s journal Pure and Applied Chemistry. Completing an Application for IUPAC Endorsement is the first step in the application process. After receipt of the AIE at the Secretariat, it is reviewed by appropriate officers of the Union and a decision is made as to granting of Endorsement.

  1. Scientific quality
  2. Significance of conference
  3. Suitability of conference
  4. Evidence of sufficient advanced planning
  5. Suitable timing and location of conferences of a similar type
  6. Rotation of leadership for conferences in a series or of a similar type
  7. Geographically diverse International Advisory Board (IAB)
  8. Gender equity in the composition of committees, speakers and as members of the International Advisory Board (IAB)
  9. Participation of industrial chemists as speakers and as members of the International Advisory Board

Please return an electronic copy of the completed application to the IUPAC Secretariat by e-mail to: [email protected]; download Application-for-Endorsement 20210526 doc or Application-for-Endorsement 20210526 docx (last revised 26 May 2021)


Financial Support for Conference Program (FSC)
program suspended till further notice (update Jan 2024) [PDF]

Information and Responsibilities of Organizers of IUPAC-Endorsed Meetings

Freedom, Responsibility and Universality of Science (ICSU 2014)
By advocating the Principle of Universality of Science, we help build a truly international science community. Because science is inherently a global enterprise, full participation in it requires free exchange and communication among all scientists, engagement in scientific discourse without repercussions, or fear thereof, as well as equitable and non-discriminatory access to the tools of science.