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The IUPAC Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) allows any individual with an interest in IUPAC and IUPAC activities to sustain a relationship with the Union.


The Affiliate Membership Program is an annual application program that offers a door-way for individuals world-wide to participate in the various projects, conferences and committees of IUPAC. Further explanation is stated through the AMP objectives and benefits. To become an Affiliate member of IUPAC, individuals can apply directly online HERE or through the “JOIN” button on the home page.


READ about it in CI …  “IUPAC offers an Open Door to Chemists of the World – A Program Revisited, by Colin Humphris, CI Apr 2018, pp. 26-28 <>

At the IUPAC Council meeting at Leuven, Belgium in 1981, IUPAC discussed a plan to establish an Affiliate Membership Program. The intention of the AMP was to engage individual chemists, National Adhering Organizations (NAOs), the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU), and Chemical Societies more effectively in the work of the Union. The issues involved were set out first by an ad hoc group and subsequently by a Committee on Affiliate Membership and over the years, were discussed additionally by the Bureau, the Finance Committee, and the Executive Committee. In 1985, at the 32nd General Assembly in Lyngby, Denmark, the AMP plan was approved by Council by majority vote. The first Affiliate Members were enrolled at the beginning of 1986 with the recruitment of 5,500 members in the first year of operation.

In 2019, almost 1,000 chemists from 50 countries registered as Affiliates. Included in this number are nearly 360 sponsored Affiliate members from developing and economically disadvantaged countries.

During 2016 and early 2017, discussions led by the Treasurer and Executive Director, led to proposed changes that would achieve broader global engagement by active chemists and offer the opportunity for younger chemists in NAO and non-NAO countries to engage in IUPAC membership. The proposed changes were discussed at the 155th Executive Committee Meeting, Beijing 8-9 November 2016 and 99th Bureau (virtual) meeting 8 April 2017. A revised Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) proposal was approved at the 49th Council meeting in São Paulo, Brazil in July 2017. The original objectives and intentions of the AMP remain as part of this revised program.

Objectives of the Affiliate Membership Program

  1. To maximize the participation of chemists world-wide in the affairs of IUPAC and to disseminate information about IUPAC, its activities, and its output to a much wider audience globally.
  2. To provide a broader personal contact base for IUPAC to chemists who are not recorded as active members of IUPAC bodies identified in its Divisions and Committees.
  3. To promote a wider contact of IUPAC with Chemical Societies and other chemistry organizations by encouraging them to operate an Affiliate Program with IUPAC.
  4. To provide a route for contact with individual chemists in countries not having a Chemical Society (or one with insufficient resources to operate a program) by encouraging them to become affiliated directly via the IUPAC Secretariat through an application process.

The Affiliate Membership Program 2020

The Affiliate Membership Program will continue as a vital part of IUPAC with benefits to chemists globally. Currently, there are chemists from 73 different countries that participate in the program.
IUPAC believes that the improvements made in the program in 2018 are significant because they improve the value to Affiliate Members in the Union through enhanced opportunities for them to participate in the activities of the Union and through discounted pricing for publications, conferences and workshops.

The key aspects of the Affiliate Membership Program are:

  1. Affiliate members from both NAO and non-NAO countries are eligible to be nominated as candidates for Associate Member positions in Division elections and for appointment to Standing Committees. This represents a significant opportunity for chemists to become involved with the scientific work of IUPAC.
  2. Affiliate members can continue to participate in IUPAC projects, including development of project proposals, and can serve both as chairs or members of project task groups.
  3. Affiliate Members can receive a 10% discount on registration fees for IUPAC endorsed conferences and symposia. Affiliate members will receive a 25% discount on IUPAC books.
  4. Affiliate members receive complimentary access to the digital version of Chemistry International via their Member Profile page on the website. A print version is available for USD $25 annual subscription premium as a contribution to printing and distribution costs for those who would prefer it.
  5. Affiliate members receive a certificate of membership and an Affiliate membership card.
  6. All Affiliate members are visible on the IUPAC website in the Membership Directory of the website and have their own member profile page. This will provide global visibility for our Affiliate Members and integrate the AMPs fully into IUPAC’s membership.

Administration and Membership Fees

The AMP is administered in many countries and some regions through an AMP Coordinator. For IUPAC member countries, the coordinator is appointed by the NAO. For non-member countries the coordinator will be appointed by a recognized Chemistry Society, agreed by IUPAC.

To become an IUPAC affiliate, review your options here and JOIN.

AMP Membership is USD 50.00 per year (including digital access to CI) or USD 75.00 per year (including both digital and print copies of CI)

If you are already an Affiliate Member through a coordinator, your National Adhering Organization or National Chemical Society will inform you how to renew your membership.

The Affiliate Membership Program operates on a calendar year, and those who join the Affiliate Program will retain their status until December of that year. For your interest in participating as an AMP Coordinator: Please contact Mrs. Linda Tapp at the IUPAC Secretariat by email:

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