Company Associates

The IUPAC Company Associates (CA) program has been an important link between IUPAC and the chemistry-based industries for many decades. IUPAC provides an essential platform for the chemical industry and for chemists and related professionals from industry through networking, global recognition, and participation in IUPAC projects that span the field of chemistry. Company Associates participate actively by supporting IUPAC’s roles as the provider of the common language for chemistry, standards that facilitate chemical commerce, capacity building in the developing world, and conferences and projects that advance the chemistry enterprise.

As IUPAC approaches its second century it is focusing on new strategic programs such as Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development and on Big Data. We recognise the importance of these areas to industry and the contributions industry can make if more effectively engaged. In this context IUPAC has carried out a review of the CA program and has developed a proposal to revitalize the program to make it more relevant to companies and to the individual chemists and engineers who work for them.

The Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI) and the IUPAC Membership Relations Committee have surveyed IUPAC’s stakeholders to formulate ideas for enhancements of the benefits of membership in the Union. As a result, COCI has proposed changes and enhancements to the CA program. The Executive Committee and Bureau have been consulted and provided input, and the Bureau approved the proposed changes in April 2017. A revised CA Program proposal, including changes and enhancements, was approved at the 49th Council meeting in São Paulo, Brazil in July 2017. The new CA program for 2018, including current Company Associates and new CAs, is described in this letter.

The new aspects of the program will be phased in during the 2018-2019 biennium. The administration of the program, as in past years, allows NAO’s to choose to administer the program in their country or to have the IUPAC Secretariat manage their Company Associates with COCI. You may contact Mrs. Linda Tapp, Membership Manager at: for information or questions. Dr. Carolyn Ribes is current COCI President and Dr. Bryan Hanley is the COCI Secretary.


Key Aspects of the 2018 Company Associate Program

The key aspects of the revised CA program are as follows:
1. Employees of Company Associates will be eligible to be nominated as candidates for Associate Member positions in Division elections and for appointment to Standing Committees, irrespective of country of residence.
2. Employees of Company Associates will be eligible to be nominated as candidates for both Titular and Associate member positions in COCI irrespective of the country of residence.
3. CAs and their employees can continue to participate in IUPAC projects, including development of project proposals, service as members of project task groups, and leadership of IUPAC projects.
4. CAs will receive discounts on IUPAC publications and fee-paying databases. The 25% discount for subscriptions to Pure and Applied Chemistry will be re-instated for CAs. CAs will have the option to receive PAC in either digital or print versions or both.
5. Companies will receive a 10% discount on registration fees for IUPAC endorsed conferences and symposia. Two persons per CA per conference or workshop are eligible.
6. Company Associates will receive complimentary access to the digital version of Chemistry International (CI).

Company Associate Discount to "Pure and Applied Chemistry"

Company Associates are eligible to receive a 25% discount on IUPAC’s Pure and Applied Chemistry Journal. The Pricing through our Publisher, DeGruyter along with the discounted price is given below:

Pure and Applied Chemistry Journal Discount for CAs 2018

Institutional PricePAC PrintPAC OnlinePAC Print + Online
2018 Price$2347.00$2347.00$2,700.00
25% Discount$586.75$586.75$675.00
Cost to CA$1,760.25$1,760.25$2,025.00
effective 1 January 2018

Joining IUPAC as a Company Associate in 2018

The subscriptions for existing CA’s will be phased in over four years to the $2,500 target. New CA’s in 2018 will be charged $2,500. For NAOs who coordinate their national CA program, the amount owed to IUPAC per CA is as shown in the chart below. NAOs that choose to administer their national CA program will continue to be able to set their own subscriptions equal to or above the $2500 for new members and above $1,000 for existing CAs. For existing CA’s, the phase-in period is intended to ease the burden through significant discounts for journal subscriptions and registration fees for conferences and workshops.

The management of the Company Associate program varies from country to country-some have a coordinator to manage the program and others join directly through IUPAC. We are currently gathering our NAO CA Coordinators for 2018 and will post their contact information in January 2018. The NAO’s coordinating the IUPAC Company Associate program thus far for 2018 are:  Canada, China/Beijing, France, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Thailand and United States.

For interested companies who want to join the CA Program directly through IUPAC, you may Join the CA program through the link below:


2018 New Company Associates Price: $2,500

2018 Existing Company Associate Price: $1,000

2018 Company Associates of IUPAC

As of 11 September 2018,  IUPAC has 31 Current Company Associates.

Company Associates

Belgium (1)
European Petrochemical Association

Korea (1)
Hanwha Total Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Canada (1)
H.L. Blachford, Ltd.
Germany (5)
Merck KGaA
Evonik Industries AG
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH
Bayer AG
China (2)
Zhejiang NHU Company, Ltd.
WuXi AppTec
Hungary (1)
Gedeon Richter, Ltd
Denmark (2)
Novozymes A/S
Haldor Topsoe
Switzerland (2)
Firmenich SA
Novartis International AG
Japan (16)
Ajinomoto, Co., Inc.
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
FujiFilm Corporation
Kao Corporation
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
NEC Corporation
Rigaku Corporation
Shimadzu Corporation
Showa Denko K. K.
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Takasago International Corp.
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toray Research Center, Inc.
United States (1)
Dow Chemical Company