IUPAC contacts

Mailing address:
IUPAC Secretariat
PO Box 13757
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3757, USA

Location/Shipping address:
IUPAC Secretariat
79 T.W. Alexander Drive
Research Commons Building 4501, Suite 190
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA

Fax: +1 919 485 8706
Email: [email protected]

IUPAC Secretariat

Dr. Lynn M. Soby, Executive Director

[email protected]

[email protected]

Tel: + 1 919 485 8700

 Dr. Lynn M. Soby

Dr. Lynn M. Soby is the Executive Director of IUPAC. She is responsible for the Secretariat staff, its operations and functions that provide support for the many volunteers all over the world serving in IUPAC. The operations of IUPAC reside in the Secretariat, located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Her responsibilities include financial management, program management, support, logistics and oversight of all operational aspects for the scientific work of the Union. Prior to this role, she was Vice President of Innovation and Commercialization at Research Triangle Institute (RTI) where she created and directed the Office of Innovation and Commercialization, and was responsible for the Institute’s innovation, IP portfolio and commercialization efforts in the areas of Clean Energy, Engineering, Chemistry, Medical Devices, Predictive Analytics, Healthcare Economics and Environmental modeling. She holds a BS Chemistry from Boston College, MS Chemistry from Ohio University, PhD and MBA from Case Western Reserve University and is respected for developing and nurturing strategic collaborations, partnerships and alliances. She holds 9 US Patents and has publications in fields of atherogenesis, bioanalytical chemistry, biochemistry, macromolecular chemistry and polymer science.


Dr. Fabienne Meyers, Associate Director and Managing Editor Chemistry International

[email protected]        Tel: +1 617 358 0410

Fabienne Meyers

Dr. Fabienne Meyers, originally from Belgium, works remotely from her office at Boston University’s Chemistry Department. She is responsible for the publication of Chemistry International and works within IUPAC’s organizations and with external authors to develop each unique issue of CI. In addition, she is responsible for the management of the Project System and works closely with the Divisions, Standing Committees, volunteers and the Project Committee on the selection and approval of projects. Fabienne works closely with Tammy to provide the information needed to prepare the project financial reports. Fabienne is intimately involved in all IUPAC’s publications and works closely with our publishing partner, DeGruyter.  Fabienne is responsible for the IUPAC Conference programs (both Endorsed and Financially supported) and works closely with Enid to manage the requests for endorsement. This is key activity of IUPAC, our Divisions and Committees as well as our National Adhering Organizations.

Ms. Tammy K. Bridges, Financial Controller, CPA

[email protected]    Tel.: +1 919 485 8704

Tammy Bridges, originally from Wisconsin, joined the IUPAC Secretariat as our Financial Controller in October 2018.  She is responsible for IUPAC’s accounting and financial systems, regulatory reporting and administering the annual audit.  She is responsible for the accuracy of financial records to provide timely financial reports and manage our cash flow.  Tammy also provides support to the Executive Director for tax filings, human resources, payroll, insurance, financial reports and Project Reports.  Tammy is responsible for Claim Form reimbursements, working closely with Enid and our volunteers.

Mrs. Linda Y. Tapp, retired as of 31 December 2019 after serving 20 years at IUPAC

Linda has returned to assist the Secretariat for the new 2022-2023 membership effort and will be working 2 days a week. We appreciate her willingness to help with this effort and also some special projects in the future.

[email protected] 

Tel.: +1 919 485 8703

Ms. Lisa Musty is no longer working in the IUPAC Secretariat

Linda Tapp will be monitoring emails but for general questions, please direct them to Ms. Enid Weatherwax Tel.: +1 919 485 8701

Ms. Enid M. Weatherwax, Administrative Assistant

[email protected]  Tel.: +1 919 485 8701


Enid WeatherwaxEnid, originally from Jamaica, is responsible for initiation of our Claim Form process and forms. She is responsible for managing the main email of secretariat [at] iupac [dot] org and directing all communications to the Secretariat staff, volunteers, and officers. She is responsible for all IUPAC’s appointment letters and communications to our volunteers. She manages the Poster Prizes for conferences and some of our Awards programs. Enid manages the office operations and is responsible for all logistics pertaining to the General Assemblies, Executive Committee meetings and Bureau meetings. Enid works closely with the Secretary General and Dr. Meyers on the project communications as well as Membership communications. Enid truly enjoys working with our volunteers and all members around the world.