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IUPAC members form a Global Chemistry Network. Our members, associates, and affiliates – chemical societies, national academies of science, industrial companies, research and development institutions, universities, laboratories and individuals from around the world represent most of the world’s chemistry research and industry. IUPAC also has formal and informal ties to international organizations that touch on every aspect of society. Our Membership Network currently comprises more than 55 national member countries that are actively engaged in the governance of the Union;  31 associated organizations that share common goals and interests; about 58 company associates interested in supporting or participating in IUPAC activities through the Committee on Chemistry and Industry; nearly 2,100 individual volunteers engaged in committees and projects; and almost 2,000 individuals who are affiliate members, and approximately 2,160 fellows.


Effective 25 May 2018: IUPAC is working to comply with the new GDPR European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). These new rules are designed to protect the personal information of our members and to provide our members the right to retain control of personal information. Please review the IUPAC Privacy Policy_25May2018.

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