IUPAC members represent most of the world’s chemistry research and industry. Our members include:

  • Chemical societies and national academies of science, who collectively as the National Adhering Organisations, form the backbone of IUPAC’s membership structure and are actively engaged in the governance of the Union,
  • Company Associates, IUPAC’s most important connections to chemical industry,
  • Associated Organisations that share common goals and interests with IUPAC,
  • Individual members, in the framework of IUPAC’s Affiliate Membership Programme.

IUPAC also has formal and informal ties to international organizations that touch on every aspect of society and IUPAC Representatives ON Other Organizations are regularly reviewed. The bulk of IUPAC’s scientific work is done by many individual volunteers engaged in committees and projects. Long-serving volunteers of IUPAC are honoured as Emeritus Fellows.
A searchable directory is accessible below. For archive and reference purpose, PDF lists are here available: Lists 2024-2025 pdf file (548KB) | Lists 2022-2023 (rev July 2022) pdf file (3.4MB) | Lists 2020-2021 pdf file (529KB) | Lists 2018-2019 pdf file (519KB) | Lists 2016-2017 pdf file (508KB) | Lists 2014-2015 pdf file (224KB)

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