The Council is the primary IUPAC governing body to which the Bureau, Executive Committee, Standing Committees, Divisions, Commissions, and all other IUPAC bodies are responsible. Council is composed of  Delegations from the National Adhering Organizations (NAOs) and each NAO appoints its Delegates for every Council meeting. Associate National Adhering Organizations may attend Council meetings as Observers, but have no voting rights. Each NAO Delegation is assigned a specific number of votes according to principles decided by the Council. Regular meetings of the Council take place every two years as part of a General Assembly that consists of a set of meetings of the Council, the Bureau, Standing Committees, and other such IUPAC bodies as the Bureau shall decide, although  the IUPAC President may convene special Council meetings as deemed necessary or at the request of one-third of the total number of Adhering Organizations, who must specify the reason for such a request.

At the General Assembly in São Paulo, Brazil in July 2017, Council approved a revised edition of the Statutes and Bylaws. Click below to access the IUPAC Statutes and Bylaws 2017 that regulate the Union’s activities.


Statutes and Bylaws 2017 (pdf 234KB)