Actions Taken at IUPAC Council, Virtual 2021

The Council did not met in Montreal, Canada, but instead Virtual on Aug 5, and 13-15 Aug 2021. The following actions were taken.

1. Election of the Officers and Elected Members of the Bureau

On 1 January 2022, Professor Javier García Martinez (Spain), Vice President and President-Elect of IUPAC, will become President for two years. Professor Ehud Keinan will be the new Vice President. Treasurer Colin Humphris (United Kingdom) will retire and Wolfram Koch (Germany) was elected by the Council for a four-year term. Secretary General Richard Hartshorn (New Zealand) was re-elected by the Council in July 2019 for a four-year term and will continue his service for two more years. Christopher M.A. Brett (Portugal), current President, will become Past President and remain an officer and a member of the Bureau for a period of two years. Meanwhile, Qi-Feng Zhou (China), current Past President, will retire.

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Also, the appointments of the following Division Officers were approved by Council (Motion 10 below for summary).

Starting in January 2022 the full Bureau will be composed as follow:

Javier García Martinez (Spain), President
Ehud Keinan (Israel), Vice President
Christopher M.A. Brett (Portugal), Past President
Richard Hartshorn (New Zealand), Secretary General
Wolfram Koch (Germany), Treasurer

Elected Members
Ghada Bassioni (Egypt) (2020-2023)
Mei-Hung Chiu (China/Taipei) (2016-2019; 2020-2023)
Petr Fedotov (Russia) (2020-2023)
Hemda Garelick (United Kingdom) (2022-2025)
Laura McConnell (USA) (2022-2025)
Zoltan Mester (Canada) (2022-2025)
Gloria Obuzor (Nigeria) (2020-2023)
Bipul Behari Saha (India) (2020-2023)
Ken Sakai (Japan) (2018-2021; 2022-2025)
Zhigang Shuai (China/Beijing) (2022-2025)

Division Presidents
Pierangelo Metrangolo (Italy)
   Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division (Div I)
Lidia Armelao (Italy)
   Inorganic Chemistry Division (Div II)
Amelia P. Rauter (Portugal)
   Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division (Div III)
Christine Luscombe (USA)
   Polymer Division (Div IV)
David Shaw (USA)
   Analytical Chemistry Division (Div V)
Roberto Terzano (Italy)
   Chemistry and the Environment Division (Div VI)
Helle Møller Johannessen (Denmark)
   Chemistry and Human Health Division (Div VII)
Michelle Rogers (USA)
   Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (Div VIII)

Standing Committee Chairs
Francesca Kerton, (Canada)
    CHEMRAWN Committee
Marietjie Potgieter (South Africa)
   Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE)
Anna Makrova (Russia)
    Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI)
Buxing Han (China/Beijing)
   Interdivisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development (ICGCSD)
Leah McEwen, USA
   Committee on Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards (CPCDS)
Jürgen Stohner (Switzerland)
   Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols (ICTNS)

The Bureau will elect three members among the Elected Members of Bureau to the Executive Committee. That election by Bureau will take place at a meeting to be held 1 Sep 2021.

2. IUPAC 2027

Council voted for the site and dates of the 51st World Chemistry Congress and 54th General Assembly.

The National Research Council (NRC), the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) and the Canadian National Committee for IUPAC (CNC-IUPAC) will host the 51st World Chemistry Congress and 54th General Assembly, 16-23 July 2027, in Montréal, Canada.

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3. Other Motions voted on by Council

(following the other in the Agenda)

Motion 1. Council approved the Minutes of 50th Council Meeting in Paris, France.
To be posted on the IUPAC website, and NAO’s to be notified.

Motion 2. Council ratified all decisions taken by the Bureau and Executive Committee through calendar year 2020, since those approved by the Council at Paris, France (Minute 3, 50th Meeting).

Motion 3. Council approved the Kazakhstan: Republican public association “B.A. Beremzhanov Kazakhstan Chemical Society (RPA “KChS”) as a National Adhering Organization effective 1 January 2022.

Motion 4: Council approved the recommended 2022-2023 Budget

Motion 5: Council approved the future appointment of the Centenary Endowment Fund Board of Directors including external Directors by the Executive Committee. Council also gives approval to the Executive Committee to progress the formation of the fund and its guiding documents.

Motion 6: Council approved the proposed modification to the Terms of Reference to allow up to eight (8) National Representatives to the membership of ICGCSD.

Motion 7: Council approved the Composition and Terms of Reference of the Centenary Endowment Board.

Motion 8: Council approved the Composition and Terms of Reference of the Committee on Ethics, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Motion 9: Council formally adopted the Recommendations approved by the Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols (ICTNS) and published, or scheduled to be published, in Pure and Applied Chemistry from August 2019 through August 2021.

Motion 10. Council approved the results from elections of Division Committee Officers.

For reference, the appointments as of January 2022 are summarized here below:

Division I – Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division
President: Pierangelo Metrangolo (Italy)
Vice President: Prof. Frances Separovic (Australia)
Past President: Timothy Wallington (USA)
Secretary: Attila Csaszar (Hungary)

Division II – Inorganic Chemistry Division
President: Lidia Armelao (Italia)
Past President: Lars R. Öhrström (Sweden)
Secretary: Daniel Rabinovich (USA)

Division III – Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division
President: Amelia P. Rauter (Portugal)
Vice President: Einar Uggerud (Norway)
Past President: Nikolay Nifantiev (Russia)
Secretary: Slawomir Jarosz (Poland)

Division IV – Polymer Division
President: Christine Luscombe (USA)
Vice President: Igor Lacik (Slovakia)
Secretary: Paul Topham (UK)

Division V – Analytical Chemistry Division
President: David Shaw (USA)
Vice President: Derek Craston (UK)
Past President: Zoltan Mester (Canada)
Secretary: Luisa Torsi (Italy)

Division VI – Chemistry and the Environment Division
President: Roberto Terzano (Italy)
Vice President: Annemieke Farenhorst (Canada)
Past President: Hemda Garelick (UK)
Secretary: Fani Sakellariadou (Greece)

Division VII – Chemistry and Human Health Division
President: Helle Møller Johannessen (Denmark)
Vice President: Vladimir Gubala (UK)
Past President: Rita Cornelis (Belgium)
Secretary: Linda Johnston (Canada)

Division VIII – Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division
President: Michelle Rogers (USA)
Past President: Alan Hutton (South Africa)
Secretary: Risto Laitinen (Finland)

Motion 11. Council received the results from elections of Titular Members of the Division Committees.

Motion 12. Council reauthorizes the Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology and Units, the Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights, and the IUBMB- IUPAC Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN).

Motion 13. Council is asked to approve that the one language in which the official records of the meeting of the Council, Bureau and Executive Committee shall be kept and published will be English for the period of 2022-2025.

Results details for each of the ballots are available on ElectionRunners

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See You in The Hague, Netherlands, in August 2023!

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