Ever wonder why plutonium got symbol Pu and not Pl?
Which car logo used to be an element symbol?
Where to find americium at home and why Mendeleev didn’t like tellurium?

If so, the Periodic Table Challenge is just for you.

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Apr-June 2020 issue
Nearly 30 years ago, an international structure was set into place with the capacity to coordinate effective environmental cooperation in the Arctic. Practically, the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) is to monitor and assess the levels, trends, and effects of pollutants and climate change on the Arctic ecosystem and the people living there, especially the indigenous peoples. A review of that programme is presented on p. 8.

- Primo Levi vs Dmitri Mendeleev by Elena Ghibaudi (Page 2)
- Towards a Digital IUPAC by Leah R. McEwen (Page 15)
- IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge by Juris Meija (Page 18)

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IUPAC Secretariat and Coronavirus Covid-19
March 17, 2020
We wish all IUPAC members and volunteers and their families to keep safe at this difficult time for the world, owing to the coronavirus Covid-19. The IUPAC secretariat staff, located in the US, will be working remotely until further notice. Our support for our volunteers and organizations will continue as best as possible. However, we ask for your understanding if there are unavoidable delays in our response. IUPAC business will proceed as usual, except for a few unavoidable delays. We ask for your understanding during this challenging time.

Christopher Brett, President
Lynn M. Soby, Executive Director

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IUPAC receives the 2019 OPCW-The Hague Award

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In a ceremony held in The Hague on Monday 25 November 2019, Prof Christopher Brett, IUPAC Vice President, received the 2019 OPCW-The Hague Award on behalf of the Union and its volunteers.



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IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge

Play the Periodic Table challenge to discover the amazing world of chemical elements.

Wonder why plutonium got symbol Pu and not Pl? Which car logo used to be element symbol, where to find americium at home and why Mendeleev didn’t like tellurium?

Join in and find out!

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