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* Distinguished Women in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Award – Call for Nominations 1 Dec 2020
* IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry – 31 Dec 2020
* IUPAC Awards in Analytical Chemistry – 31 Jan 2021
* Green Chemistry for Life research grants for young scientists – 31 Jan 2021
* IUPAC-SOLVAY International Awards for Young Chemists – 15 Feb 2021


in Chemistry International

Oct - Dec 2020 issue
The Young Ambassadors for Chemistry (YAC) is a project of the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education that trains teachers around the world to communicate the benefits of chemistry to the general public with the help of their students as young ambassadors. In September 2019, the project was held in Mongolia with enthusiasm and success to share ... see more p. 42

- Ten Chemical Innovations by Fernando Gomollón-Bel
- The Minamata Convention by Eisaku Toda, Claudia ten Have, and Jozef M. Pacyna
- A Path for Tracking Funded Research and Compliance by Howard Ratner and Susan Spilka
- PAC Natural Products: A Story Six Decades in the Making by David StC Black

& News, Projects, imPACt, and more ...



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Ever wonder why plutonium got symbol Pu and not Pl?
Which car logo used to be an element symbol?
Where to find americium at home and why Mendeleev didn’t like tellurium?

If so, the Periodic Table Challenge is just for you.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Chemistry is all about diversity: each new bond, each additional group makes the whole richer and stronger. IUPAC recognizes that to fulfill its vision, it must strongly commit to embracing and promoting transparency, diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all.


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Advancing the Worldwide Role of Chemistry

IUPAC serves the international scientific endeavor in the dual function of a fundamental science and mission-oriented Union. The Union is in a unique position to contribute to the central interdisciplinary chemical sciences.

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    Analytical Chemistry

  • Ph

    Physical Chemistry

  • En

    Chemistry and Environment

  • Or

    Organic Chemistry

  • In

    Inorganic Chemistry

  • Wn

    Chemistry Applied to World Needs

  • Pc

    Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards

  • Hh

    Chemistry and Human Health

  • Po


  • Nt

    Nomenclature and Terminology

  • Ec

    Chemistry Education

  • Gc

    Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development

  • Ic

    Chemistry and Industry

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