FAIR Chemistry Cookbook

Step into the future of Chemistry with the new tool
The IUPAC FAIR Chemistry Cookbook is a new living resource developed to enable the chemical sciences community to move toward sharing and reusing data, code, metadata, etc. that are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable or FAIR.

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Apr-June 2024 issue
In the current issue ...
- Embracing Change: IUPAC’s Opportunities Moving Forward by Javier García Martínez
- BOLD: Color from Test Tube to Textile by Elisabeth Berry Drago
- The renaissance and evolving design of radical polymerization by Graeme Moad
- Two Young Observers at the WCC in The Hague Share Their Reflections by Mattias Wei Ren Kon, Jovern Teo, Fun Man Fung, and Marietjie Potgieter

& News, imPACt, Projects, and more ...

Sustainable Digital Standards

IUPAC is initiating a community roadmap and sustainability blueprint for digital standards in chemistry data reporting.
With the rapid advancement of digital technologies, there’s an urgent need for consistent reporting and exchange of chemical data worldwide.


Catalyzing Diversity in Science

GWB2024 was an inspiring day!
The IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast was on everywhere February 27, 2024. The #GWB2024 map included 420 events from 77 countries and an estimated 40,000 participants worldwide. This makes for the largest ever GWB!
Mark your calendar for #GWB2025... it will be held on 11 February 2025 on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Recognising excellence

IUPAC offers a number of Prizes and Awards to honor scientific contributions and expertise

- IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry (Nomination by 31 Oct 2024)
- Distinguished Women in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Award (Nomination by 1 Nov 2024)
- Franzosini Prize and Balarew Award (Nomination 31 May 2024)
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Diversity and Inclusion

Chemistry is all about diversity: each new bond, each additional group makes the whole richer and stronger. IUPAC recognizes that to fulfill its vision, it must strongly commit to embracing and promoting transparency, diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all.

Advancing the Worldwide Role of Chemistry

IUPAC serves the international scientific endeavor in the dual function of a fundamental science and mission-oriented Union. The Union is in a unique position to contribute to the central interdisciplinary chemical sciences.

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