IUPAC offers a number of awards to honor scientific contributions and expertise.  These include:

  •  IUPAC International Award for Advances in Harmonized Approaches to Crop Protection Chemistry
    Established to recognize individuals in government, intergovernmental organizations, industry, and academia who have exercised personal leadership for outstanding contributions to international harmonization for the regulation of crop protection chemistry.
    > 2016 Dan Kunkel
    > 2019 Mark Lynch
  • Thieme-IUPAC Prize
    Established  to honor a scientist under 40 years of age whose research has had a major impact in synthetic organic chemistry. The prize is given on the basis of scientific merit for independent research dealing with synthesis in the broadest context of organic chemistry, including organometallic chemistry, medicinal and biological chemistry, designed molecules, and materials.
    > 2018 Seth Herzon
    > 2018 Call for nominations
  • Hanwha-Total IUPAC Young Scientist Award (formerly Samsung-IUPAC Young Scientist Award)
    Established to honor a polymer chemist under forty years of age. The winner of the Hanwha-Total IUPAC Young Scientist Award (formerly the Samsung–IUPAC Young Polymer Scientist Award) is chosen every other year right before the World Polymer Congress from a pool of recommended candidates who are below age 40. The award is managed by the IUPAC Polymer Division and made possible by an endowment from Samsung Total Petrochemical Co. Ltd. of South Korea.
    > 2016 Moon Jeong Park and Brent Sumerlin
    > 2018 Andreas Walther
  • Franzosini Award
    Established to recognize a promising young contributor to the Solubility Data Project (SDP) to help them attend, in even years, the International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena (ISSP) and, in odd years, the annual meetings of the Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data.
    > 2016 David Fellhauer
    > 2018 Call for Nominations


  • IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry
    Established to encourage young and experienced chemists, and to emphasize the importance of advancements in Green Chemistry and the value of sciences to human progress. The award covers all the topics of Green Chemistry, such as Green and Renewable Feedstocks, Green Synthetic Routes, Green Solvents, Green Catalysis, Green products, Green Energy, and as broadly defined by OECD as Sustainable Chemistry.
    > 2019 Call for Nominations
    > 2019 Awardees


  • IUPAC Poster Prize
    Established to recognize outstanding undergraduate poster presentations at IUPAC Congresses and division-sponsored conferences.
  •  PhosAgro/UNESCO/IUPAC research grants in green chemistry: Established to give young scientists involved in research in green chemistry and allied areas in biochemistry, geochemistry, biotechnology, ecology and healthcare ample opportunity to demonstrate their inventiveness and provide important input to sustainable development.
    2019 Call for Applications