Winners of the 2021 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and Solvay announce the winners of the 2021 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists, presented for the best Ph.D. theses in the chemical sciences, as described in 1000-word essays.

The five winners are:


The winners will each receive a cash prize of USD 1000 and are invited to present a poster at the 48th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress describing his/her award-winning work. Because this year the IUPAC Congress is planned as a Virtual event, the winners will also be invited the 2023 IUPAC Congress to be held in The Netherlands. Each winner is invited to submit a short critical review on aspects of his/her research topic, to be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry.

The titles of the winners’ theses are:

Dr. Gabriele Laudadio: “New synthetic methods enabled by photochemistry and electrochemistry in flow“

Dr. Justin Andrews: “Corralling Electrons in Metastable Vanadium Oxides: Implications for Neuromorphic Computing, Electrical Energy Storage, and Photocatalysis“

Dr. Kaibo Feng: “Late-Stage C(sp3)–H Hydroxylation, Amination, and Methylation in Nitrogen-Containing Molecules“

Dr. Kelly Brown: “Development of Electrochemiluminescent Sensors as Screening Tools for the Identification of Drug Species within Complex Matrices for Forensic Investigations“

Dr. Austin Michael Evans: “Two-dimensional polymers and polymerizations“


There were 46 applications from individuals receiving their Ph.D. degrees from institutions in 18 countries. The award selection committee, chaired by Professor Qi-Feng Zhou, IUPAC Past President, comprised members of the IUPAC Bureau and a senior science advisor from Solvay, all of whom have a wide range of experience in chemistry.
In view of the many high-quality applications, the Committee also decided to award three Honorable Mentions to:

  • Irene Regeni (Germany), Ph.D., TU Dortmund University
  • Ni Kaiyuan (China/Beijing), Ph.D., The University of Chicago
  • Dusan P. Kolarski (Serbia), Ph.D., University of Groningen

The call for applications for the 2022 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists will open soon. Eligible candidates must have received a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in any of the countries that have National Adhering Organizations or Associate National Adhering Organizations in IUPAC during the year 2021.