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Chemistry International Volume 43, Issue 3

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cover: In a year marked by unprecedented challenges, IUPAC hosted the largest ever Global Women’s Breakfast (GWB2021) on 9 February 2021, bringing together more than 20000 people around the world to celebrate the achievements of women scientists, to strengthen and expand professional networks, to inspire the next generations, and to challenge the status quo with respect to equality for women scientists in the workplace. See more p. 8.

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Archives of Chemistry International


IUPAC first Virtual World Chemistry Congress and General Assembly (page 2)
by Neil Burford 


Strategies for Success as an Industrial Chemist (4-7)
by Carolyn Ribes

Diversity in Science at the Global Women’s Breakfast Network (8-11)
by Mary J. Garson, Laura L. McConnell, and Lynn M. Soby

FAIR and Open Data in Science: The Opportunity for IUPAC (12-16)
by Ian Bruno, Simon Coles, Wolfram Koch, Leah McEwen, Fabienne Meyers, and Shelley Stall

IUPAC Focus on Digital Health (17-21)
by Helle Moller Johannessen and Ulla Magdal Petersen

COMEST: Ethical Advice across Scientific and Geographic Borders (22-24)
by Leiv K. Sydnes

Diffusion Research with Nanoporous Material (25-29)
by Jörg Kärger, Douglas M. Ruthven, and Rustem Valiullin



IUPAC Wire {>}

Standard Atomic Weight of Lead Revised 30
PAC Cheminformatics Special Issue 30
IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge 2020: Top Schools Announced 31
Winners of the 2021 IUPAC-Solvay International Award For Young Chemists 31

Winners of the Inaugural 2021 IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Awards 32
2021 Nominees for Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members 35

Project Place

Your Basic Polymer Sciences with the Subcommittee on Polymer Education: From Synthesis to Application 36

Systems Thinking in Chemistry for Sustainability 37

Up for Discussion

The Challenge to establish a definition 38
by Pavel Karen

The International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022: We Need It More Than Ever 40
by Michel Spiro

Making an imPACt

On good reporting practices for property measurements 41
by Ala Bazyleva and John P. O’Connell

IUPAC Provisional Recommendations 43

The Period System, a history of shaping and sharing 44
reviewed by Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Annette Lykknes

Conference Call
IUPAC/CITAC Webinar “Metrology, quality assurance and chemometrics—Correlation of test results and mass balance
influence on conformity assessment” 45
International Polymer Characterization Conference—POLY-CHAR 2020 (Venice) 46

Where 2B&Y
WCLM 2021 – Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Chemistry 48

Mark Your Calendar



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