2021 Nominees for Election of IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members

During the 51st IUPAC General Assembly, now to be held online early August 2021, the Council will be asked to elect a Vice President, a Treasurer, and members of the Bureau to fulfill the vacancies created by retiring members. IUPAC National Adhering Organizations have been invited to submit nominations. (see News posted 30 December 2020)

On 1 January 2022, Javier García-Martínez (Spain), Vice President and President-Elect of IUPAC, will become President. Christopher Brett (Portugal), current President, will become Past President and remain an officer and a member of the Bureau for a period of two years, while Qi-Feng Zhou (China), current Past President, will retire.
Secretary General Richard Hartshorn (New Zealand) was elected by the Council in July 2019 for a second four-year term and will continue his term until December 2023. Meanwhile Treasurer Colin Humphris (UK) has confirmed that he will retire at the end of 2021.


The Vice-President to be elected at the 51st Council will be President-Elect starting in January 2022, and will become President on 1 January 2024. The nominations received for Vice President are as follows:

  • Mary Garson (Australia)
  • Ehud Keinan (Israel)
  • Ting-Kueh Soon (Malaysia)
  • Supawan Tantayanon (Thailand)

PDF compilation including all VP statement, bio sketch, and CV


The nominations received for Treasurer for the term 2022-2025 are as follows:

  • Russell Boyd (Canada)
  • Wolfram Koch (Germany)

PDF compilation including bio sketch and CV

Elected Members of Bureau

The Bureau consists of the Officers, the eight Division Presidents, Standing Committee Chairs and no less than ten other members elected by Council, who are known as “Elected Members”. Elected Members serve a four-year term. No National Adhering Organization shall have more than one Elected Member on the Bureau. The statute also states that: “the principle of fair geographical representation of Members shall be taken into account.”

At the conclusion of the 50th Council at Paris, there were ten Elected Members on the Bureau. At the 51st Council this August, the Bureau will make recommendations to Council as to the number of Elected Members (ten or more) who should be on the Bureau for the succeeding two years. At least four Elected Members will be elected at the 51st Council, i.e. the minimum number of ten Elected Members less the six Elected Members who continue in office until 2023. This year and following the special vote by Council on May 5th, 2021, the elections will be held electronically in real time during the virtual General Assembly.

The nominations received for Elected Members of the Bureau are as follows:

  • Abeer Al Bawab (Jordan)
  • Hemda Garelick (United Kingdom)
  • Ting-Kueh Soon (Malaysia)
  • Patrick Maestro (France)
  • Laura McConnell (USA)
  • Zoltan Mester (Canada)
  • Greg Russell (New Zealand)
  • Ken Sakai (Japan) reappoint
  • Zhigang Shuai (China/Beijing)
  • Supawan Tantayanon (Thailand)
  • Pietro Tundo (Italy)

PDF compilation including bio sketch and CV

Elected Members of Bureau who remain on Bureau and whose terms end in 2023:

  • Ghada Bassioni (Egypt)
  • Mei-Hung Chiu (China/Taipei), 2nd term
  • Petr Fedotov (Russia)
  • Ehud Keinan (Israel), 2nd term
  • Gloria Obuzor (Nigeria)
  • Bipul Behari Saha (India)


[Note that if any Elected Members of Bureau who are continuing, or any candidates for Bureau, are elected to a position as Officer, Division President, or Standing Committee Chair, they are not eligible to continue or to be elected to the Bureau at this election for the 2022-2023 biennium. Should that occur there may be additional elected positions to be filled.]

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Announcement published in Chem. Int. July 2021, p. 35

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