Establishment of the ISC expert group on plastic pollution

The International Science Council is pleased to announce the formation of its expert group on plastic pollution. The main objectives of the expert group is to support the development of a science-based instrument to address plastic pollution comprehensively and advocate for the establishment of a science-policy mechanism for implementing and further developing treaty commitments. The experts will also facilitate the exchange of information from the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) process with ISC members and the broader science and policy-making community.
IUPAC is well represented in this group, with Christine Luscombe, current Past President of the Polymer Division, and Fani Sakellariadou, Vice President of the Chemistry and the Environment Division.



Photo de Collab Media sur Unsplash

Relevant – see feature in Chem Int Jan 2023, titled Plastic post-Nairobi needs IUPAC involvement by Leiv K. Sydnes <>

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