Chemistry Teacher International (Volume 6_1)

Latest issue released April 9, 2024

Volume 6 Issue 1

Editor-in-chief: Mustafa Sözbilir

Chemistry Teacher International (CTI) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal supported by the Committee on Chemistry Education of IUPAC and the Division of Chemistry Education of EuChemS. The journal aims to be a platform for teachers of all levels, with a focus on researchers in chemistry education. The journal primarily aims to publish good practice reports in chemistry teaching. The idea of such a journal dates back to 2016. Jan Apotheker, who served as an NR for The Netherlands, TM, Secretary, and Chair for CCE, initiated and led the project entitled ‘The Chemistry Teacher International.’ The project was supported by the IUPAC Project Committee and resulted in the launch of the open-access journal in June 2019. Jan Apotheker not only led the project but also kindly took on the role of editor-in-chief to establish CTI. The journal’s readership includes chemistry teachers and students from all fields, as well as researchers in chemistry education. The three primary objectives of CTI are: bridging the gap between research and education, creating a platform for all IUPAC and EuChemS activities in the field of education, and building an international journal not linked to a specific area or nation… [cont.]

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