The 2023 Awards in Analytical Chemistry

In 2020, the Analytical Chemistry Division (Division V) established two awards honoring excellence in analytical chemistry.  The IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Medal honors significant lifetime contributions to the aims of the Analytical Chemistry Division of IUPAC and the Emerging Innovator Award in Analytical Chemistry recognizes outstanding work undertaken by an emerging analytical scientist that corresponds to the aims of the Analytical Chemistry Division of IUPAC. These awards recognizing outstanding analytical chemists and are conferred and award lectures are presented during General Assemblies.

Janusz Pawliszyn

In 2023 Janusz Pawliszyn received the IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Medal recognizing a lifetime of world leading, foundational research in analytical sample preparation and the invention of solid phase microextration. He is Canada Research Chair Professor, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The primary focus of his research program is the design of highly automated and integrated instrumentation for the isolation of analytes from complex matrices and the subsequent separation, identification and determination of these species using gas chromatography, liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis coupled to variety of detections systems, including a range of mass spectrometry techniques.  Currently his research is working to eliminate organic solvents from sample preparation to enable on-site monitoring and in-vivo analysis. His research also explores the application of the computational and modeling techniques to enhance performance of sample preparation, chromatographic separations and detection.

Professor Pawliszyn’s award lecture, “Significance of Fundamentals in Development and Optimization of Sustainable Sampling and Sample Preparation Technologies” is available on YOUTUBE.

Xin Yan

In 2023 Xin Yan, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University received the Emerging Innovator Award in Analytical Chemistry recognizing her ground-breaking work in electrochemical reactions in droplets using mass spectrometry.

Her research combines expertise in mass spectrometry, microdroplet chemistry, electrochemistry, and biology to develop novel approaches for disease diagnosis, structural lipidomics, and accelerated electrochemical reactions. In particular, the work is motivated by the possibility of enabling new technology for next-generation approaches to precision medicine, and sustainable synthesis.  Her research interests span a range of topics; including structural lipidomics, metabolomics in brain research, interfacial electrochemical reactions, and novel electrogenerated cationic transition-metal electrocatalysis.  Her research group is highly interdisciplinary, providing students the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in analytical, biological and synthetic chemistry.

Professor Yan’s award lecture “Microdroplet Mass Spectrometry for Lipid Isomer “Analysis and Accelerated Discovery of Transition Metal Catalysis” is available on YOUTUBE.

> Announcement published in Chem Int Jan 224

> Originating 2022 Call for Nominations


The award lectures presented by 2021 recipients are also available for viewing.
Joseph Wang, Distinguished Professor of Nanoengineering, University of California San Diego received the Analytical Chemistry Medal and his lecture, “Electrochemical Sensors: From Beakers to the Skin and the Mouth” can be accessed here.
Tsuyoshi Minami, Assistant Professor, Tokyo University, received the Emerging Innovator Award and delivered a lecture “Supramolecular Analytical Devices: Toward On-Site Analysis in Real-World Scenarios” which is accessible here.


The IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Medal and the Emerging Innovator Award will next be awarded in 2025 during IUPAC’s General Assembly and World Chemistry Conference in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 12-18 July.  The Analytical Chemistry Division of IUPAC welcomes nominations for both awards from the world analytical chemistry community.  Nominations will be accepted from September 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024.  Anyone seeking further information about the nomination process should contact the Chair on the Awards Committee, Prof. Em. David Shaw by email at dgshaw[at]

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