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Chemistry International Volume 46, Issue 1

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cover: Long before Laura McConnell realized that global partnerships provides a path to sustainability, she— as a researcher at USDA-ARS—focused on the development of improved agriculture practices to prevent pollutant transport. Aboard a University of Maryland Horn Point Center for Environmental Studies research vessel, she collected oysters for analysis. Read more about Laura’s experience and inspiration page 3.

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Archives of Chemistry International

Director’s Column

The Common Language of Chemistry (2)
by Greta Heydenrych
<doi> | <issuu>


Laura McConnell and Jennifer Fetcho aboard a University of Maryland Horn Point Center for Environmental Studies research vessel collecting oysters for analysis.

Global Partnerships Provide a Path to Sustainability (3)
by Laura L. McConnell
<doi> | <issuu>
 also featured in DeGruyter CONVERSATIONS on Feb 27 #GWB2024

Current Hybrid Perspective towards Open Science Paradigm (8)
by Kazuhiro Hayashi
<doi> | <issuu>

Reimagining the future of peer review (12)
by Aimee Nixon
<doi> | <issuu>

Chemistry Digital Standards: Tools for an increasingly digital research culture (16)
by Fatima Mustafa, Leah McEwen, and Ian Bruno
<doi> | <issuu>




Janusz Pawliszyn and Xin Yan were presented with the 2023 20 Awards in Analytical Chemistry (20)

Franzosini Award to Yongheum Jo (20)

ISC’s Unlocking Science series wins Digital Communications Award (21)

Richard Hartshorn elected CODATA Vice President (21)

The IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge Now Available in Nine Languages (22)

Polymer Competition (23)

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry – Call for Proposals For 2024 (23)

Solvay International Award for Young Chemists—Call for applicants (24)

Recognising Excellence in Chemistry Education: CCE 2024 Awards Announcement (25)

Grand Prix de la Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie (25)

Project Place


Greenness of official sample preparation standard methods (26)
<> | <doi>

The Gender Gap in Chemistry—Building on the ISC Gender Gap Project (31)
<> | <doi>

Global Framework on Chemicals (32)
<> | <doi>

Personal Protective Equipment Disposal for the Future (34)
<> | <doi>

Several members of the project team (from right to left: Michael Walter, Tien Quach, Lydia Sosa-Vargas) presenting the PPE posters in the Hague in the Netherlands at the IUPAC World Chemistry Conference 2023

Making an imPACt

Chemical data evaluation: general considerations and approaches for IUPAC projects and the chemistry community (36)
David G. Shaw, et al, PAC, 2023, Vol. 95, no. 10, pp. 1107-1120;

A brief guide to polymer characterization: structure (36)
Paul D. Topham, et alPAC, 2023, Vol. 95, no. 10, pp. 1121-1126;

Analytical chemistry of engineered nanomaterials: Part 2. analysis in complex samples (37)
Ján Labuda, et al, PAC, 2023 Vol. 95, no. 11, pp. 1159-1196;

IUPAC/CITAC Guide: Evaluation of risks of false decisions in conformity assessment of a substance or material with a mass balance constraint (37)
Francesca R. Pennecchi, Ilya Kuselman and D. Brynn Hibbert, PAC, 2023, Vol. 95, no. 12, pp. 1217-1254;

Conference Call

Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications (38)
by Gabrijela Horvat and Zoran Novak

Solution Chemistry (39)
by Marija Bešter-Rogač and Slobodan Gadžurić

Connecting Chemical Worlds – IUPAC General Assembly and IUPAC World Chemistry Congress at The Hague (40)
by Bipul Saha

Two IUPAC Poster Prize Certificates awarded at the 75th Annual Congress of the Slovak & Czech Chemical Societies (41)
by Milan Drábik

Network of Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators – or just NICE (44)
by Soon Ting Kueh, Zuriati Zakaria, and Yvonne Choo Shuen Lann

just NICE !

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