7th Polymer International–IUPAC Award goes to Guihua Yu

The Editorial Board of Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division are delighted to announce that Professor Guihua Yu (University of Texas at Austin, USA) is the winner of the 7th Polymer International – IUPAC award for Creativity in Applied Polymer Science.

Professor Guihua Yu, winner of the 7th Polymer International-IUPAC Award

This award celebrates the outstanding contributions that Professor Yu has made to polymer nanoscience and engineering. He has achieved extraordinary research accomplishments and shown remarkable creativity and scientific scholarship in several areas of materials science.

Professor Yu has made significant contributions to synthesis and fundamental investigation of new multifunctional polymer nanostructures with novel chemical and physical properties, and their significant applications in advanced energy, sustainability and environmental technologies. A rising leader in the field of polymer science, he has authored over 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals and his work has garnered more than 19,000 citations, with 21 articles having each received over 200 citations. The work of his research group has been featured in prominent journals and global scientific news. [Link to Yu homepage @utexas]

Professor Yu will give a lecture and receive this award at the World Polymer Congress (http://www.macro2020.org/), which will be held in Jeju Island, South Korea from July 5th to 9th, 2020. The award includes $5,000, plus travel and hotel accommodation expenses to attend MACRO 2020.

The winner was selected by members of the scientific committee representing Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division:

  • Professor Michael Buback (IUPAC)
  • Dr Dick Dijkstra (Polymer International/IUPAC)
  • Professor Jiasong He (Polymer International/IUPAC)
  • Dr Roger Hiorns (Polymer International/IUPAC)
  • Professor Yong Ku Kwon (IUPAC)
  • Professor Christine Luscombe (Polymer International/IUPAC)
  • Professor Chris Ober (IUPAC)
  • Professor Greg Russell (IUPAC)
  • Dr Carmen Scholz (Polymer International)

The selection committee, the Editor-in-Chief of Polymer International Professor Timothy Long and the Editorial Board of Polymer International extend their congratulations to Professor Yu.

Post by Laura Mitchell Williams, 6 Dec 2019, reproduced from www.advancedsciencenews.com


Announcement published in Chem Int April 2020, p. 25

See originating call or link to PI https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10970126


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