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cover: Nearly 30 years ago, an international structure was set into place with the capacity to coordinate effective environmental cooperation in the Arctic. Practically, the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) is to monitor and assess the levels, trends, and effects of pollutants and climate change on the Arctic ecosystem and the people living there, especially the indigenous peoples. A review of that programme is presented on p. 8.

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Archives of Chemistry International



Primo Levi vs Dmitri Mendeleev by Elena Ghibaudi (Page 2)

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme by Lars-Otto Reiersen, Ramon Guardans, and Leiv K. Sydnes (Page 8)

Towards a Digital IUPAC by Leah R. McEwen (Page 15)

IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge by Juris Meija, Javier Garcia-Martinez,  and Jan Apotheker (Page 18)

Up for Discussion

IUPAC Organizational Structure Review (Page 22)


Measurements for Global Trade (Page 23)

IYCN Celebrates Earth Day (Page 23)

2020 CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Green Chemistry— Call for Nominations (Page 24)

Green Chemistry for Life research grants (Page 24)

John Macor is Awarded the 2020 IUPAC-Richter Prize (Page 25)

7th Polymer International–IUPAC Award goes to Guihua Yu (Page 25)

2020 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize In Flow Chemistry  and Microfluidics —Call For Nominations (Page 26)

Advancing Science as a Global Public Good: ISC Action Plan 2019–2021 (Page 26)

Eye-Openers (Page 27)

In Memoriam (Page 27)
William Geoffrey Town, 31 March 1943 – 24 June 2019
Mary L. Good, 20 June 1931 – 20 November 2019

Project Place

The Environment, Health and Food Safety Impact of Microplastics (Page 28) (

Structure-based nomenclature for irregular linear, star, comb and brush polymers with different types of constitutional repeating units (CRU) (Page 28)

Preparation of the 5th Edition of the IUPAC Green Book (Page 28)

Nomenclature and Associated Terminology for Inorganic  Nanoscale Particles (Page 29)

Per and polyfluroalkyl substances in the environment and their impacts on human health (Page 29)

Provisional Recommendations (Page 30)

Terminology of Polymers in Advanced Lithography | Comments by 31 May 2020

End-of-line Hyphenation of Chemical Names | Comments by 31 May 2020

Glossary of Methods and Terms used in Surface Chemical Analysis |  Comments by 30 April 2020


Making an imPACt

Standard Atomic Weight of Hafnium Revised (Page 31) (on

Nomenclature and terminology for linear lactic acid-based polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2019) (Page 31) (

Brief guide to the nomenclature of organic chemistry  (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 32) — See PDF for center pages (

Nomenclature for boranes and related species  (IUPAC Recommendations 2019) (Page 32) (

Conference Call

TAN 19: International Superheavy Element Research Community (Page 33)

4thIUPAC International Conference on Agrochemicals Protecting Crops, Health and Natural Environment (Page 34)

MALTA IX Conference on Chemistry and Peace in the  Middle East, Malta, December 2019 (Page 35;


Where 2B & Y (Page 41)

With the global coronavirus outbreak, all events from April to September 2020 have been cancelled or postponed and a few reprogrammed as Virtual. See Calendar for updates.

Mark Your Calendar (Page 43)


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