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Affiliate Membership Program

The IUPAC Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) allows any individual with an interest in IUPAC and IUPAC Activities to sustain a relationship with the Union. The program was launched in 1986 in order to maximize the participation of chemists throughout the world in the affairs of IUPAC and also to disseminate information about its activities to a much wider audience.

In 2016, almost 1400 chemists from 50 countries registered as Affiliates. Included in this number are nearly 140 sponsored Affiliate memberships for chemists, aged 35 years or less, from developing and economically disadvantaged countries.

  1. What are the benefits of affiliation to IUPAC?
  2. How can you become an affiliate of IUPAC?
  3. How much does affiliate membership cost?

What are the benefits of affiliation to IUPAC?

  • Affiliates receive six copies per year of the IUPAC news magazine Chemistry International, which includes advance information on IUPAC-sponsored conferences and provisional recommendations. Individuals are asked and invited to make comments on the recommendations.
  • Through Chemistry International, affiliates are kept informed of IUPAC’s programs and activities. The names and email addresses for the appropriate contacts are provided within articles, and Affiliates are encouraged to volunteer in their areas of expertise.
  • Affiliates may obtain a discount of 25% on the cost of all IUPAC publications. This includes the IUPAC nomenclature books, as well as compendia of chemical data and reports of many IUPAC-endorsed conferences.
  • Affiliates are entitled to a 10% reduction of registration fees at IUPAC-endorsed conferences – a significant saving.

How can you become an affiliate of IUPAC?

To become an IUPAC affiliate, locate the AMP coordinator for your country / region in the listing below, and contact him or her for information on joining. You may also apply to IUPAC directly by filling out the online form, which will come directly to IUPAC’s Secretariat. If you are already an Affiliate, your National Adhering Organization or National Chemical Society will inform you how to renew your membership. The Affiliate Membership Program operates on a calendar year, and those who join the Affiliate Program will retain their status until December of that year.

How much does affiliate membership cost?

The affiliate subscription varies from country / region to country / region. Your National Adhering Organization or National Chemical Society will inform you about the current affiliate subscription. Information about Affiliate Membership may be obtained from Mrs. Linda Tapp at the IUPAC Secretariat by email:


The following contacts have been established in the countries participating in the Affiliate Membership Program:

AMP Country Contacts

First NameLast NameE-mailCountry
PavelDrasarcsch@csch.czCzech Republic
David KofiEssumangkofiessumang@yahoo.comGhana
Maria CarlaRiccicarla.ricci@soc.chim.itItaly
RobertoAguayoaguayor1@gmail.comPuerto Rico
VenceslavKaucickaucic@ki.siSlovenia Africa
HilaryWhitewhiteh@rsc.orgUnited Kingdom
Bradley D.Millerintlacts@acs.orgUnited States