Jan Reedijk (right) with IUPAC President Javier Garcia-Martinez at the 2023 Council when the recognition of IUPAC services was celebrated.

Professor  Jan Reedijk has been awarded the status of Emeritus Fellow in Division II. This 2023 appointment reflects his standing as a scientist and continuing service to the division and to the Union.

Jan Reedijk (1943) studied chemistry at Leiden University from 1961-1968, where he completed his PhD. After a few years as junior lecturer at Leiden University he accepted a readership at Delft University of Technology in 1972. In 1979 he accepted a call for Professor of Chemistry at his alma mater, Leiden University. After 30 years of service, he retired from teaching in 2009, and continued as an emeritus, as research consultant and in several IUPAC activities.

In Leiden he has acted as chair of the Department of Chemistry, and in 1993 he became the founding director of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry. His major research activities have been in Coordination Chemistry and Bioinorganic Chemistry, with research focusing on biomimetic catalysis, molecular materials and medicinal inorganic chemistry. At his 65th birthday he was knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands to the order of the Dutch Lion. Jan Reedijk was elected life-time member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences , the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Academia Europaea. In 2023 he received a doctorate honoris causa from the Nikolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland.

He has acted as organizer of several international conferences, symposia and workshops. He was Executive Secretary of the International Conferences of Coordination Chemistry (1988-2012) and served in a number of IUPAC Divisions and committees since 1978. He has served on editorial boards of several international chemistry journals. Jan Reedijk has published over 1200 papers (1965-2022), cited over 60000 times (h=96); he has supervised 90 PhD students, 100 postdocs and over 250 MSc students.

His IUPAC activities started in 1977 till his retirement in 2023; the most important activities are tabulated below.
Inorganic Chemistry Nomenclature (CNIC; 1977-1987);
IUPAC Division VIII: 2009-2011;
Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS; 1985-1994);
Interdivisional Committee on Bioinorganic Terminology (JCBN; 1992-1996);
Working groups on Red Book Chapters, Bioinorganic Terminology, ET proteins (1988-97);
IUPAC Inorganic Division: 2006-2018; vice-president 2009-2013; Division Inorganic Chemistry: President (2014-2018);
Bureau Member, (2014-2018);
Chair of the Project Committee (2020-2023);
Editorial Board Pure and Applied Chemistry (2010-2021).

Between 1985 and 2023 he has served as  a member of the Netherlands delegation to IUPAC. From 2018-2020 Jan Reedijk co-chaired the worldwide celebrations of the International Year of the Periodic Table 2019.

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