Studied biochemistry and medicine in Tuebingen, Germany,
Specialized in pharmacology, toxicology, nutritional- and environmental medicine.

1987 appointed Professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hannover Medical School, Germany.
Worked in basic research institutions, universities, industry and State agency.
Headed the Biochemical Pharmacology Group of the German Society of Biochemistry.
Created and headed the Regulatory Toxicology Study Group of the German Society of Toxicology.
Was member of national committees such as the Federal Institute for Drugs, Commission for Environmental Medicine and Commission on Human Biomonitoring.
Research areas included drug-biomolecule interactions, drug metabolism, membrane transport of xenobiotics, toxic cell damage, as well as phase I clinical drug investigations and chemical analysis of internal exposures of populations to environmental pollutants.

IUPAC membership
2004-2020 Task group member in IUPAC Division VII
2010-2016 Secretary of Division VII
2017-2019 Titular member of Division VII
2018-2019 Titular member of ICGCSD

IUPAC projects
Task group member in the following projects of which the results were published: Mechanisms of immunosensitization to metals, Immunochemisty, Nanoparticle toxicology, Designer drugs. In a team with John Duffus and Douglas Templeton he was involved in several IUPAC Glossaries of Terms used in Toxicology: Immunotoxicology, Neurotoxicology, Developmental Toxicology, Consolidated Glossary, Molecular Toxicology (in preparation).


Prof. Michael Schwenk was awarded Emeritus Fellow status by the Chemistry and Human Health Division in 2020.


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