Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation


The Division is responsible for maintaining and developing standard systems for designating chemical structures, including both conventional nomenclature and computer-based systems. This responsibility is to be fulfilled by:

  1. Identifying the needs of the user community.
  2. Generating projects arising from those needs.
  3. Identifying project leaders and task groups to carry out the work.
  4. Administering approved projects financially, monitoring their progress, and approving resulting recommendations for review by established IUPAC procedures.
  5. Identifying new sources of expertise and enabling their involvement in projects.
  6. As far as possible, ensuring that nomenclature systems projects and the resulting recommendations are compatible with each other, with established IUPAC recommendations, and with computer-based systems for manipulating chemical names and structures.
Attendees of the Division VIII Committee meeting in Basel. Sitting: Alan T. Hutton (President, left), Risto S. Laitinen (Secretary, right) Standing from left to right: Karl-Heinz Hellwich (Past-President), Andrey Yerin, Gerry P. Moss, Michael A. Beckett, Jeffery Leigh, Richard M. Hartshorn, Molly A. Straughbaugh, Michelle M. Rogers, Clare Tovee, Ture Damhus, Edwin C. Constable.

For information on the birth of the Division, see the following article: A. McNaught, Chem Int, Vol. 24, No. 2, March 2002,

Emeritus Fellows

The Division awards the status of Emeritus Fellow to former members who have made outstanding contributions to IUPAC and, through chemistry in general (see more). In 2020, three Emeritus Fellows have been recognized: G. Jeffery Leigh, Alan McNaught, and Warren Powell.

Subcommittees and Commissions

Current Projects

Meeting Minutes


Activity Reports

In addition to the Subcommittees above, Div VIII is also involved with CPCDS, in the Subcommittee on HELM

  • Report 2020-2021 (prepared for Council virtual meeting August 2021) by Prof. Alan Hutton (pdf 303 KB)
  • Report April 2021 (prepared for Bureau virtual meeting) by Prof. Alan Hutton (pdf 242 KB)
  • Report 2020 (prepared for Bureau virtual meeting) by Prof. Alan Hutton (pdf 252 KB)
  • Report 2018-2019 (prepared for Council in Paris) by Prof. Alan Hutton (pdf 158 KB)
  • Report 2018 (prepared for Bureau in Bratislava) by Prof. Alan Hutton (pdf 331 KB)
  • Report 2016 (prepared for Bureau in Montreal) by Dr. Karl-Heinz Hellwich (pdf 101 KB)
  • Report 2014-2015 (prepared for Council in Busan) by Dr. Karl-Heinz Hellwich (pdf 91 KB)
  • Roundups from Glasgow ( See the following article: Sydnes, L. K., “IUPAC in Glasgow: Division Roundups Part III,” Chemistry International, Vol. 32, No. 2, March-April 2010 – PDF;
  • Report 2006-2007 (prepared for Council in Torino) by Prof. G.P. Moss (pdf 20KB)
  • Report 2006 (prepared for Bureau in Madrid) by Prof. G.P. Moss (pdf 11KB)
  • Report 2004-2005 (prepared for Council in Beijing) by Dr. A.D. McNaught (pdf 38KB) + Roundups from Beijing (CI Nov ’05)
  • Report 2004 (prepared for Bureau in Bled) by Dr. A.D. McNaught (pdf 21KB)
  • Report 2002-2003 (prepared for Council in Ottawa) by Dr. A.D. McNaught (pdf 29KB)
  • 12-14 November 2003, XML in Chemistry and IUPAC Chemical Identifiers (report in CI Jul-Aug ’04, p.25;
  • 1 July 2002, CAS/IUPAC Conference on Chemical Identifiers and XML for Chemistry (CIandXML_jul02.pdf)


    • Recommendations on Chemical and Biochemical Nomenclature, Symbols and Terminology
      World Wide Web material curated by Dr. Gerard P. Moss:
      Here most recommendations on organic chemical and biochemical nomenclature published in Pure and Applied Chemistry are available in an html version. Any corrections identified after publication have been applied and are marked as a change. In a bibliographic section there are listed other publications such as the colour books and details of translations of the recommendations and books. There are links to a related set of recommendations that come from IUBMB, of which the largest part is concerned with enzyme nomenclature.
    • IUPAC Color Books:
    • Principles of Chemical Nomenclature:
    • Brief Guides to Nomenclature: