Subcommittee on Modeling of Polymerization Kinetics and Processes


Modeling and mechanistic studies into radical polymerizations are important for science and industry, but often completely different model assumptions and parameter values are reported for ostensibly the same systems. The projects of the IUPAC Subcommittee “Modeling of Polymerization Kinetics and Processes”, which was established in 1987, aim to rectify this situation through international collaboration designed to produce critically evaluated kinetic parameters. These values are held to be accurate and are recommended for use by the international polymer community. Moreover, reliable methodologies have been established as part of this evaluation process.

Benchmark propagation rate coefficients, kp, have been obtained for styrene, several methacrylates and butyl acrylate by critical evaluation and also by independent experiments. These efforts are currently being extended to kp of vinyl pivalate, to termination rate coefficients, kt, to aqueous phase kp, and to RAFT polymerization kinetics.

Meeting Minutes

  • Cairns, Australia, 2 July 2018-  full text (PDF) and slides (PDF)
  • combined Chiang Mai, Thailand, 8 July and San Francisco, USA, 11 Aug 2014-  full text (PDF)
  • Blacksburg, USA, 25 June 2012 – full text (PDF)
  • Denver, USA, 29 August 2011 – full text (PDF)
  • Honolulu, USA, 17 December 2010 – full text (PDF)
  • Glasgow, Scotland, 12 July 2010 – full text (PDF)
  • Glasgow, Scotland, 3 August 2009 – full text (PDF)
  • Philadelphia, USA, 18 August 2008 – full text (PDF)
  • Hobart, Australia, 12 February 2007 – full text (PDF)
  • Il Ciocco, Italy, 5 September 2006 – full test (PDF)

Activity Reports

In July 2017, during the IUPAC General Assembly, the SubCommittee Chair, Robin A. Hutchinson, participated in an Interdivisional Discussion of Critical Evaluation of Chemical Data; see project 2016-043-1-500 for access to the presentations.