Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division


The Objectives of the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division are to promote international collaboration between scientists in physical and biophysical chemistry and related fields in order to:

  • • Recognize new developments in physical and biophysical chemistry and its fields of applications;
  • • Promote future oriented activities in physical and biophysical chemistry important for the needs of the world community;
  • • Encourage the compilation and documentation of critically evaluated physical and biophysical chemical data;
  • • Address problems and formulate recommendations on terminology, symbols, units and conventions in physical and biophysical chemistry, disseminate the recommendations, encourage their translation as well as monitor their acceptance by the chemical community;
  • • Establish and stimulate the use of methodologies, standards and reference materials in physical and biophysical chemistry.

In addition to the Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology, and Units (Commission I.1), the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division is involved in the Interdivisional Subcommittee on Materials Chemistry (ISMC), together with the Inorganic Chemistry Division and the Polymer Division and in the Interdivisional Subcommittee on Critical Evaluation of Data (ISCED), together with the Analytical Chemistry Division and the Polymer Division.

Division I Members at the 2018 off-year meeting at the Instituto Politecnico di Milano, Italy (May 31 to June 2, 2018): From L to R: Modou Fall (AM, Senegal), Hiroko Tokoro (TM, Japan), Vladislav Tomišić (AM, Croatia), Ron Weir (DP, Canada), Theo Kurtén (AM, Finland), Attila Császár (DS, Hungary), Frances Separovic (TM, Australia), Pierangelo Metrangolo (TM, Italy), Tim Wallington (DVP, USA), Zhigang Shuai (AM, China), Roberto Marquardt (TM,France), Bert Weckhuysen (TM, Netherlands), Jeremy Frey (TM, UK).


A major activity of the Division and Commission I.1 is to produce, review, and maintain the so-called Green Book “Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry“. This book provides a readable compilation of widely used terms and symbols from many sources together with brief understandable definitions. Full text pdf with with bookmark by chapters and sections is available.

Subcommittees and Commissions

Current Projects

Meeting Minutes

Minutes 2021, Virtual, 9 August 2021
Minutes 2020, Virtual, 12 May 2020
Minutes 2019, Paris, France, 7-8 July 2019
Minutes 2018, Milano, Italy, 31 May – 3 June 2018
Minutes 2017, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8-9 July 2017
Minutes 2016, East Lansing, MI, USA, 26-27 August 2016
Minutes 2015, Busan, Korea, 8-9 August 2015
Minutes 2014, Kappel-Am-Albis, Switzerland, 31 May – 1 June 2014
Minutes 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 29-30 July 2011
Minutes 2010, Zurich, Switzerland, 19-20 June 2010 (pdf 25KB)
Minutes 2009, Glasgow, UK, 31 July – 1 August 2009 (pdf 41KB)
Minutes 2008, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, 12-13 April 2008 (pdf 82KB)
Minutes 2007, Torino, Italy, 4-5 August 2007 (pdf 128KB)
Minutes 2006, Coimbra, Portugal, 8-9 April 2006 (pdf 92KB)
Minutes 2005, Beijing, China, 13-14 August 2005 (pdf 56KB)
Minutes 2004, Glion, Switzerland, 3-4 April 2004 (pdf 26KB)
Minutes 2003, Ottawa, Canada, 10-11 August 2003 (pdf 43KB)
Minutes 2002, Morges, Switzerland, 19-20 April 2002 (pdf 30KB)
Minutes 2001, Brisbane, Australia, 29 June – 3 July 2001 (pdf 110KB)
Minutes 2000, Wageningen, Netherlands, 1-2 April 2000 (pdf 85KB)
Minutes 1999, Berlin, Germany, 7-11 August 1999 (pdf 19KB), Summary from Chem. Int. May 2000


Activity Reports

Report 2020-2021 (prepared for Council virtual meeting August 2021) by Dr. Tim Wallington (pdf 346 KB)
Report 2020 by Dr. Tim Wallington (pdf 99 KB)
Report 2016 by Prof. Angela Wilson (pdf 148 KB)
Report 2014-2015 by Prof. Roberto Marquardt (pdf 1.2 MB)
Report 2010-2011 by Prof. A. Jim McQuillan (pdf 303 KB)
Report 2008-2009 by Prof. Michel Rossi (pdf 262 KB) + Roundups from Glasgow (Chem Int Nov 2009)
Report 2006-2007 by Prof. Christopher M.A. Brett (pdf 189KB)
Report 2006 by Prof. C.M.A. Brett (pdf 13KB)
Report 2004-2005 by Prof. Ron Weir (pdf 168KB) + Roundups from Beijing (Chem Int Nov 2005)
Report 2004 by Prof. R. Weir (pdf 15KB)
Report 2002-2003 by Prof. John Ralston (pdf 152KB)
Report 2000-2001 by Prof. George S. Wilson (pdf 291KB) + appendix (pdf 22KB)
Report 1998 by Prof. Tomislav Cvitas