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Chemistry International Volume 45, Issue 3

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cover: DALL.E2 Kandinsky-inspired rendering of “Chemistry of the Future” (3 March 2023). This illustration was conceived to illustrate the report of an International Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence Assisted Chemistry” held at the headquarters of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, The Netherlands on 16 and 17 June 2022. AI already plays an important role in the field of chemistry, and its adoption and role in the chemical sciences will only expand. Increased training and awareness of scientists to recognize potential for dual-use concerns of AI-assisted chemistry will be critical. Increased security around the software methods and tools that enable AI-assisted chemistry may be appropriate. See report p. 30.

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Archives of Chemistry International

Past President’s Column

Reflections on the past and future (2)
by Christopher Brett
<doi> | <issuu>


How Cool Are Chemists? (4)
by He Yue, Lidong Han, Donna J. Minton, and Chunmei Deng
<doi> | <issuu>

Responsible Chemistry: Addressing Dual-Use Potentials in Chemical Research and Innovation (12)
by Jan Mehlich
<doi> | <issuu>

Reconciling Science and Foreign Relations in The Hague (16)
by Geert Somsen
<doi> | <issuu>

Separating Politics and Science after the Chemists’ War: Ernst Cohen in the Land of Benjamin Franklin (19)
by Jorrit Smit
<doi> | <issuu>




2023 IUPAC-Solvay AwardeesWinners of the 2023 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists (22)

2023 Nominees for election of IUPAC Officers, Executive and Science Boards (22)

IUPAC President Meets with the Japanese Chemistry Community (24)

Janos Fischer made IUPAC Emeritus Fellow (25)


Project Place


FAIR datasets for acid dissociation constants (26)
by Jonathan Zheng, Ye Li, and Leah McEwen
<doi> | <issuu> | <>

Making an imPACt

Analytical chemistry of engineered nanomaterials: Part 1. Scope, regulation, legislation, and metrology (IUPAC Technical Report) (27)
Jan Labuda, et al. PAC, 2023, Vol. 95, no. 2, pp. 133-163;

Properties and units in the clinical laboratory sciences. Part XXVII: online dynamic NPU manual (IUPAC Technical Report) (27)
Young Bae Lee Hansen, et al. PAC, 2023, Vol. 95, no. 2, pp. 125-131;


Up for Discussion

How can IUPAC stay relevant and make more impact?
by Leiv K. Sydnes
<doi> | <issuu>

Conference Call

Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Chemistry (30)
by Ahmed Saeed, Peter Hotchkiss, Jeremy Frey, Hemda Garelick, Vladimir Gubala, Bipul Saha, Russell Boyd, and Jonathan E Forman

Malta X, Women in Science (35)
by Rachel Mamlok-Naaman

Teaching Chemistry for a Sustainable Future (37)
by Farouk Fahmy, Nadia Kandile, and Ghada Bassioni

Open Data Sesame! Key Takeaways from Chemistry Europe’s First Data Day (40)
by Axel Straube and Francesca Rita Novara

Chemistry’s in Sciences – IYBSSD celebration in Pakistan (44)
by Rafia Azmat

Where 2B & Y


IUPAC | CHAINS 2023  — Topical, broad and varied (48)
Petra de Jongh and Hermen Overkleeft interview

6th International Mass Spectrometry School (50)
IMSS 2023, organized by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation and by the Division of Mass Spectrometry of the Italian Chemical Society, will be held in Cagliari (Italy) on September 17-22, 2023


Mark Your Calendar


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