Chemistry Teacher International – Call for papers

Call for papers for a special issue themed:

“Examples of the use of the principles of green chemistry and sustainable development in the design of industrial processes for secondary chemistry and for introductory chemistry courses”


In secondary education, as well as in introductory chemistry courses in higher education more and more attention is given to the principles of green chemistry, as well as the ideas of sustainable development. This includes design principles like ‘cradle to cradle’, ‘cradle to grave’ as well as life cycle analysis. The number of concrete examples to illustrate these principles, that are used in education at this moment, is limited, even though there are many recent examples. Within chemistry education it is important for students to understand the role chemistry plays in society. One of these roles is to apply chemical knowledge to design processes that implement the principles of Green Chemistry and help in Sustainable Development. In order to demonstrate the role of chemistry more information for teachers is needed, so they can use this information and share this with their students.



We wish to publish a special issue of Chemistry Teacher International, that will contain 10 to 12 articles that describe the application of the principles described above in the design of industrial chemical processes. Preferably the article should demonstrate the way the principles of green chemistry and sustainable development have been applied in the discussed process. The article can include design principles, calculations, schemes and illustrations to help make the process clear. The length if the article is about 5000 words.

We would like to ask you to submit an abstract in which you describe the process you wish to use as the main subject of an article for Chemistry Teacher International. You can send the abstract to [email protected] no later than 1 December 2020



In order to publish articles that are useful for teachers, we would like to have people from industry cooperate with people from the Committee on Chemistry Education on the composition of the article. Based on the submitted abstracts a committee consisting of Hemda Garelick, Fran Kerton, Bipul Saha, Vladimir Gubala and Jan Apotheker will choose 12 abstracts. The selected authors will be invited to submit a full article to CTI. These authors will be coupled to a member of the CCE for feedback and help in order to obtain articles that can be used in secondary and early chemistry education.

The articles will be submitted to CTI, where they will be peer reviewed, by two reviewers. After the completed review process, the special issue of CTI will be published late 2021.

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