• BSc, (1955) Chemistry at Queen Mary College, London, UK
  • PhD (1958) Organic Chemistry with Michael Dewar at Queen Mary College, London

1958 Joined Smith Kline & French Laboratories (SK&F) in the UK as a medicinal chemist
1960 Appointed Research Associate with Arthur Cope at MIT
1961 Returned to SK&F where from 1966 he collaborated with Sir James Black on research leading to the discovery of histamine H2 receptor antagonists. He is the co-inventor of cimetidine, a compound that revolutionised the treatment of peptic ulceration.
Research Vice President, SK&F Welwyn facility.
1986 Appointed as the SK&F Chair of Medicinal Chemistry at University College, London, UK

Author of over 260 scientific papers, 15 relating to IUPAC sponsored Projects, and the inventor or co-inventor on over 160 US patents.

Recipient of many distinguished awards; including:
1977 UK Royal Society of Chemistry Award for Medicinal Chemistry
1978 Prix Charles Mentzer of the Société Française de Chimie Thérapeutique
1980 ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award in Medicinal Chemistry
1982 UK Royal Society of Chemistry Tilden Medal and lectureship
1986 Appointed Fellow of the Royal Society, UK
1988 UK Society of Chemical Industry Messel Medal and Lecture
1989 UK Society for Drug Research Award for Drug Discovery
1990 Inducted into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame
1999 UK Royal Society of Chemistry Adrien Albert Medal and Lectureship
2004 The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry Nauta Prize on Pharmacochemistry
2006 Societa Chimica Italiana Medicinal Chemistry Division Pratesi Gold Medal
2007 Inducted into the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame

 1990-2000 Represented IUPAC at IUPHAR
 1991-1995 Represented the Medicinal Chemistry Section on the Commission for Teaching Chemistry
 1991-2001 Represented the Medicinal Chemistry Section at Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols
 2000-2001 President of the Medicinal Chemistry Section
 2001-2012 Founder and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development
Co-editor of four IUPAC books: Analogue-based Drug Discovery I,II,III and Practical Studies for Medicinal Chemistry

C. Robin Ganellin