Dr. Yehuda Shevah has been awarded the status of Emeritus Fellow in Division VI. This 2021 appointment reflects his standing as a scientist and continuing service to Division VI and to the Union.

In recognition of Outstanding Contributions to IUPAC as a continuous member of the past Water and Soil Chemistry Commission and after the co-founder of the Division VI, Chemistry and the Environment (1991–2021), Chairman of Soil & Water Chemistry Commission, Task Group Chair of working groups allowing the execution of many valuable and generously supported projects. Div. Representative in ICTNS and PAC Editorial Board, Co-Chair IUPAC Conference on Atmospheric Deposition & Impact on Ecosystems. 

Dr. Shevah is a water chemist with more than 35 years of experience in environmental assessment and water resources management. He serves as an expert and international consultant on water resources development and water supply in the developing world in Latin America, Asia and Africa. He contributed to the provision of safe drinking water and improved sanitation, specialized in the investigation of biological and chemical processes controlling water and wastewater treatment and environmental fate of pollutants relevant to agricultural irrigation. Currently, studying emerging micro-pollutants related to water reuse in arid and semi-arid regions and frequently draught prone countries.

Dr. Shevah served continuously in Soil and Water Chemistry Commission and after, as a co-founder of the division for 30 years, since 1991. He served as a TM, AM, and NR on behalf of the Israel Chemical Society and the chair of the Soil and Water Chemistry Commission from 1994 to 2000. Over the whole period, he has actively worked and contributed to the divisional activities, voicing the needs of the developing world. As a Task Group Chair, he raised generous financial support from the Division and from IUPAC projects fund, as well as funds from other institutions, allowing the execution of many valuable projects. To mention, among other: Middle East and North Africa Region- Scientific and Chemistry Cooperation; Water scarcity and water reuse; Arsenic in drinking water; World beyond chlorine book and Micro-and emerging pollutants (ongoing).  Div. Representative in ICTNS and PAC Editorial Board and Co-Chair of IUPAC Conference on Atmospheric Deposition & Impact on Ecosystems (2000). His activity substantially raised the profile of the division within IUPAC, being fully committed to the cause of IUPAC and the Division, never missing the General Assembly or divisional meetings.

His continued participation as an Emeritus Fellow in divisional meetings will provide valuable continuity, while also serving as an informal mentor to the new leaders of the Division.


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