Committee on Chemistry Education


This Committee attempts to coordinate the educational interests of IUPAC bodies with activities throughout the world.

Terms of Reference

(i) To advise the President and the Executive Committee on matters relating to chemistry education, including the public appreciation of chemistry.
(ii) To maintain a portfolio of educational projects and to coordinate the educational activities of IUPAC.
(iii) To monitor chemistry education activities throughout the world and to disseminate information relating to chemical education, including the public appreciation of chemistry.
(iv) To develop liaisons with international organizations such as UNESCO, national and regional chemical societies, chemical education committees, and organizations concerned with the public appreciation of science.

Composition and Terms of Office

(i) There shall be a standing Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE), composed of a Chairman, a Secretary, six other Titular Members, and an Associate Member from each of the Divisions. Each Adhering Organization not represented among the Titular and Associate Members may nominate a National Representative to the CCE.
(ii) The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Officers and Titular Members. The CCE may propose names of persons suitably qualified for appointment.
(iii) The Associate Members shall be nominated by the relevant Division President from the Titular Members of the Division Committee, and be appointed by the President of the Union, in consultation with the Executive Committee.
(iv) The period of service of Titular Members shall be four years, renewable for a further term of four years. The period of service of Associate Members shall be two years, renewable to a total period of eight years. The period of service of National Representatives shall be two years, subject to renomination and reappointment to a maximum period of service of twelve years.
(v) The sum of the years of service as a Titular member and as the Chairman or the Secretary shall not exceed ten years.

Meeting Minutes

Agenda 2015   Busan, Korea, August 2015,  Agenda (PDF)
Agenda 2014   Toronto, Canada, July 2014, Agenda (PDF)
Agenda 2013   Istanbul, Turkey, August 2013  Agenda (PDF) , Minutes (PDF)
Rome, Italy, July 2013, Agenda (PDF), Minutes (PDF)
Agenda 2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico, July/August 2011  Minutes (PDF)

Activity Reports


  • Report on Projects, Istanbul, Turkey, August 2013 (PDF)
  •  Report on Future ICCE Meetings – M. Hoffman  (PDF)
  •  Proposal for 2016 ICCE Meeting in Sydney, Australia (PDF) 
  •  CCE priorities for 2012-2013 (PDF)
  •  Report to Bureau, April 2013, Frankfurt, Germany (PDF)
  •  Reports on International Chemistry Education Activities (PDF)

2010  IUPAC in Glasgow, Scotland: Division Roundups – Committee on Chemical Education by Christine Reiners, Chemistry International, Vol. 32, No. 1, January-February 2010 (PDF)


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