IUPAC Concentrate – sample 2023-07-20

The July Sample is out!
Please contact Fabienne with any input/question [email protected]. Next sample will be mid August.

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The July issue of Chemistry International includes a variety of features, including the account of an outreach activity set by the Chinese Chemical Society for the 90th Anniversary of its founding, a feature addressing Dual-Use Potentials in Chemical Research and Innovation, an historical perspective about how 100 years ago when The Hague was the site for reconciling science and Foreign Relations, and when Ernst Cohen travelled to the Land of Benjamin Franklin.

Virtual General Assembly 2023A virtual complement of the IUPAC General Assembly

Next week, and a few weeks in advance of the in-person GA, most Division/Committee will have a 90-min zoom session for an ‘open’ meeting allowing NAOs representatives, observers, and members of other Divisions/Committees to attend.

Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash


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