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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 11


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Stereochemical implications toward the total synthesis of aromatic belts

Golder, Matthew R. / Zakharov, Lev N. / Jasti, Ramesh

Page 1603

Organometallic chemical biology: an organometallic approach to bioconjugation

Vinogradova, Ekaterina V.

Page 1619

Triblock copolymers of styrene and sodium methacrylate as smart materials: synthesis and rheological characterization

Meijerink, Marc / Mastrigt, Frank van / Franken, Linda E. / Stuart, Marc C. A. / Picchioni, Francesco / Raffa, Patrizio

Page 1641

The effect of TiO2 component on the properties of acrylic and urea-aldehyde resins under accelerated ageing conditions

Farmakalidis, Helen Veronika / Boyatzis, Stamatis / Douvas, Antonios M. / Karatasios, Ioannis / Sotiropoulou, Sophia / Argitis, Panagiotis / Chryssoulakis, Yannis / Kilikoglou, Vassilis

Page 1659

Modification of water transport properties of porous building stones caused by polymerization of silicon-based consolidation products

Karatasios, Ioannis / Michalopoulou, Anastasia / Amenta, Maria / Kilikoglou, Vassilis

Page 1673

Computational study of the substituent effects on the gas-phase stabilities of phenylboranylmethyl anions

Nakata, Kazuhide / Fujio, Mizue

Page 1685

Preferred names of constitutional units for use in structure-based names of polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2016)

Mormann, Werner / Hellwich, Karl-Heinz / Chen, Jiazhong / Wilks, Edward S. {see IUPAC project 2008-015-1-400}

Page 1695

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