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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 12


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Open Access: Why IUPAC is a Supporter

Lawlor, Bonnie / Weir, Ron D. / Burrows, Hugh D.

Page 1737

Selected Papers from the 3rd International Conference on Bioinspired and Biobased Chemistry & Materials (NICE-2016)

Guittard, Frédéric

Page 1739

Occlusion of magnetic nanoparticles within calcium carbonate single crystals under external magnetic field

Zhang, Lifu / Huang, Ruoyu / Tao, Peng / Song, Chengyi / Wu, Jianbo / Deng, Tao / Shang, Wen

Page 1741

Superhydrophobic and superoleophobic poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole) polymers synthesized using the Staudinger-Vilarrasa reaction

Mortier, Claudio / Bourd, Romain / Godeau, Guilhem / Guittard, Frédéric / Darmanin, Thierry

Page 1751

From vine to wine: photophysics of a pyranoflavylium analog of red wine pyranoanthocyanins

Freitas, Adilson A. / Silva, Cassio Pacheco / Silva, Gustavo Thalmer M. / Maçanita, António L. / Quina, Frank H.

Page 1761

Spider silk foam coating of fabric

Jokisch, Stephan / Scheibel, Thomas

Page 1769

Bioinspired approach toward molecular electrets: synthetic proteome for materials

Espinoza, Eli M. / Larsen-Clinton, Jillian M. / Krzeszewski, Maciej / Darabedian, Narek / Gryko, Daniel T. / Vullev, Valentine I.

Page 1777

Electrospun fibers in regenerative tissue engineering and drug delivery

Nagarajan, Sakthivel / Pochat-Bohatier, Céline / Balme, Sébastien / Miele, Philippe / Kalkura, S. Narayana / Bechelany, Mikhael

Page 1799

Co-assembly of helical β3-peptides: a self-assembled analogue of a statistical copolymer

Buchanan, Claire / Garvey, Christopher J. / Perlmutter, Patrick / Mechler, Adam

Page 1809

Water splitting catalyzed by titanium dioxide decorated with plasmonic nanoparticles

Gellé, Alexandra / Moores, Audrey

Page 1817

Preparation and characterization of collagen/chitosan/hyaluronic acid thin films for application in hair care cosmetics

Sionkowska, Alina / Kaczmarek, Beata / Michalska, Marta / Lewandowska, Katarzyna / Grabska, Sylwia

Page 1829

Potential of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) polymers family as substitutes of petroleum based polymers for packaging applications and solutions brought by their composites to form barrier materials

Keskin, Gülsah / Kızıl, Gülnur / Bechelany, Mikhael / Pochat-Bohatier, Céline / Öner, Mualla

Page 1841

Calibration, standardization, and quantitative analysis of multidimensional fluorescence (MDF) measurements on complex mixtures (IUPAC Technical Report)

Ryder, Alan G. / Stedmon, Colin A. / Harrit, Niels / Bro, Rasmus {see IUPAC project 2004-021-1-300}

Page 1849

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