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{A collection of papers from the 18th IUPAC International Symposium Macromolecular-Metal Complexes (MMC-18), held at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, 10–13 June 2019} keyword: MMC-18

Eduard Karakhanov, Anton Maximov and Aleksandr Glotov
The 18th IUPAC International Symposium Macromolecular-Metal Complexes (10–13 June 2019, Moscow – Tver – Myshkin – Uglich – Moscow) Page 815 <>

Antonina A. Stepacheva, Yury V. Lugovoy, Oleg V. Manaenkov, Alexander I. Sidorov, Valentina G. Matveeva, Mikhail G. Sulman and Esther M. Sulman
Magnetically separable Ru-containing catalysts in supercritical deoxygenation of fatty acids 817

Samahe Sadjadi, Masoumeh Malmir, Bastien Léger, Eric Monflier and Majid M. Heravi
Palladium nanoparticles supported on nitrogen doped porous carbon material derived from cyclodextrin, glucose and melamine based polymer: promising catalysts for hydrogenation reactions 827

Sarkyt E. Kudaibergenov
Macromolecular complexes of polyampholytes 839

Rose K. Baimuratova, Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva, Nina D. Golubeva, Nadezhda N. Dremova and Andrey V. Ivanov
Coordination polymers based on trans, trans-muconic acid: synthesis, structure, adsorption and thermal properties 859
Yu Wang, Kenichi Oyaizu and Hiroyuki Nishide

Allylic hydrocarbon polymers complexed with Fe(II)(salen) as a ultrahigh oxygen-scavenging and active packaging film 871
Julio Sánchez, Carol Rodriguez, Estefanía Oyarce and Bernabé L. Rivas
Removal of chromium ions by functional polymers in conjunction with ultrafiltration membranes 883

Ankita Bhat, Alexa R. Graham, Hemang Trivedi, Matthew K. Hogan, Philip J. Horner and Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
Engineering the ABIO-BIO interface of neurostimulation electrodes using polypyrrole and bioactive hydrogels 897

Anna Stavitskaya, Aleksandr Glotov, Kristina Mazurova, Vladimir Nedolivko, Pavel Gushchin, Wei Huang, Eduard Karakhanov and Vladimir Vinokurov
Formation of ruthenium nanoparticles inside aluminosilicate nanotubes and their catalytic activity in aromatics hydrogenation: the impact of complexing agents and reduction procedure 909

Alexander A. Yaroslavov and Andrey V. Sybachin
Multifunctional carriers for controlled drug delivery 919

Eduard Karakhanov, Anton Maximov, Leonid Kulikov, Daria Makeeva, Maria Kalinina, Yulia Kardasheva and Alexander Glotov
Evaluation of sulfide catalysts performance in hydrotreating of oil fractions using comprehensive gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry 941

Anna Vutolkina, Aleksandr Glotov, Ilnur Baygildin, Argam Akopyan, Marta Talanova, Maria Terenina, Anton Maximov and Eduard Karakhanov
Ni–Mo sulfide nanosized catalysts from water-soluble precursors for hydrogenation of aromatics under water gas shift conditions 949

Naoki Toshima and Yukihide Shiraishi
Combination of nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes for organic hybrid thermoelectrics 967

Mayya V. Kulikova, Albert B. Kulikov, Alexey E. Kuz’min and Anton L. Maximov
Ultrafine metal-polymer catalysts based on polyconjugated systems for Fisher–Tropsch synthesis 977


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