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{Conference papers}
{A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 24th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC-24) held in Faro, Portugal, 1–6 July 2018.}

The 24th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 24)
Cristiano, Maria Lurdes S.
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Binding motifs of cisplatin interaction with simple biomolecules and aminoacid targets probed by IR ion spectroscopy
Corinti, Davide / Paciotti, Roberto / Re, Nazzareno / Coletti, Cecilia / Chiavarino, Barbara / Crestoni, Maria Elisa / Fornarini, Simonetta
Page 3

Synthesis and reactivity/stability study of double-functionalizable strained trans-cyclooctenes for tetrazine bioorthogonal reactions
Ravasco, João M. J. M. / Coelho, Jaime A. S. / Trindade, Alexandre F. / Afonso, Carlos A. M.
Page 15

Counterion effect on sulfonatocalix[n]arene recognition
Garcia-Rio, Luis / Basílio, Nuno / Francisco, Vitor
Page 25

Ping-pong tunneling reactions, part 2: boron and carbon bell-clapper rearrangement
Nandi, Ashim / Sucher, Adam / Tyomkin, Anat / Kozuch, Sebastian
Page 39

Insights into the photochemistry of 5-aminotetrazole derivatives with applications in coordination chemistry. Effect of the saccharyl moiety on the photostability
Ismael, Amin / Abe, Manabu / Fausto, Rui / Cristiano, Maria L. S.
Page 49

A green road map for heterogeneous photocatalysis
Scaiano, Juan C. / Lanterna, Anabel E.
Page 63

Computational simulation of mechanism and isotope effects on acetal heterolysis as a model for glycoside hydrolysis
Glancy, John H. / Lee, Daniel M. / Read, Emily O. / Williams, Ian H.
Page 75

Coordination of tridentate ligands to SmI2: cooperativity and incremental effect on reduction potential and on reactivity
Nimkar, Amey / Maity, Sandeepan / Hoz, Shmaryahu
Page 85

An efficient and eco-friendly method for the thiol-Michael addition in aqueous solutions using amino acid ionic liquids (AAILs) as organocatalysts
Figueroa Guíñez, Roberto / Santos, José G. / Tapia, Ricardo A. / Alcazar, Jackson J. / Aliaga, Margarita E. / Pavez, Paulina
Page 97

Changing the kinetic order of enantiomer formation and distinguishing between iminium ion and imine as the reactive species in the asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of substituted imines using a cyclopentadienyl iridium (III) complex
Mwansa, Joseph M. / Stirling, Matthew J. / Page, Michael I.
Page 107

Oxidative sulfamidation as a route to N-heterocycles and unsaturated sulfonamides
Moskalik, Mikhail Yu. / Astakhova, Vera V. / Shainyan, Bagrat A.
Page 123

Well-defined nickel(II) tetrazole-saccharinate complex as homogeneous catalyst on the reduction of aldehydes: scope and reaction mechanism
Frija, Luís M. T. / Rocha, Bruno G. M. / Kuznetsov, Maxim L. / Cabral, Lília I. L. / Cristiano, M. Lurdes S. / Pombeiro, Armando J. L.
Page 151

Unravelling mechanistic insights in the platinum-catalysed dihydroalkoxylation of allenes
Quirós, María Teresa / Gómez-Bengoa, Enrique / Muñoz, María Paz
Page 167

The VES KM: a pathway for protein folding in vivo
Cruzeiro, Leonor
Page 179

{IUPAC Recommendations}

Nomenclature and terminology for linear lactic acid-based polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2019)
Vert, Michel / Chen, Jiazhong / Hellwich, Karl-Heinz / Hodge, Philip / Nakano, Tamaki / Scholz, Carmen / Slomkowski, Stanislaw / Vohlidal, Jiri
{see IUPAC project 2012-042-1-400}
Page 193


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