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Christopher M. A. Brett
Pure and Applied Chemistry Diamond Jubilee Issue, 1893

This issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry celebrates its 60th Anniversary, its Diamond Jubilee. It brings together articles on diverse themes by 12 scientists, winners of the IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists and the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists during the last decade since 2011, the International Year of Chemistry, and makes a fitting tribute to the journal on its 60th anniversary.

{Invited papers}

Marta Śliwa, Benjamin O. Stephens, Zhe Zhang and Thomas J. Kempa
Harnessing host–guest interactions to control structure at the nanoscale 1895

Christopher M. Lemon
Corrole photochemistry 1901

Youjin V. Lee, Lingyuan Meng, Eleanor Ostroff and Bozhi Tian
Restructuring of ultra-thin branches in multi-nucleated silicon nanowires 1921

Raghav Garg, Daniel San Roman and Tzahi Cohen-Karni
Multidimensional graphene nanostructures – synthesis and applications 1929

Sung-Fu Hung
Electrochemical flow systems enable renewable energy industrial chain of CO2 reduction 1937

Yisong Zhu, Zhenjun Wu, Xiuqiang Xie and Nan Zhang
A retrospective on MXene-based composites for solar fuel production 1953

Renee W. J. Lim and Albert C. Fahrenbach
Radicals in prebiotic chemistry 1971

Alexander Fawcett
Advances in the catalyst- and reagent-controlled site-divergent intermolecular functionalization of C(sp3)–H
bonds 1987

Mariana Hamer, Sebastián A. Suarez, Martina Muñoz, Lucía Álvarez, Marcelo Marti and Fabio Doctorovich
Reaction of Amines with NO at room temperature and atmospheric pressure: is nitroxyl a reaction
intermediate? 2005

Luis R. De Jesús
A Puerto Rican chemist with coffee 2015

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