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Chemistry International Volume 40, Issue 1

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Archives of Chemistry International

President’s Column

Keeping Momentum up and Looking Forward, Zhou, Qifeng (Page 2)


Bonding the World with ChemistrySomsook, Ekasith (Page 4)

Australia and IUPAC, Spurling, Thomas H. / Webb, John M. (Page 10)

150 Years of Chemical Society in Germany, Koch, Wolfram (Page 15)

Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development, Tundo, Pietro / Griguol, Elena (Page 18)


Members of ICSU and ISSC Vote To Merge (Page 25)

2018 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry and Microfluidics – Call For Nominations (Page 25)

Stamps International

Holý Chemistry, Rabinovich, Daniel (Page 26)

Project Place

InChI’ng forward: Community Engagement in IUPAC’s Digital Chemical identifier, McEwen, Leah (Page 27)

Metrics for Green Syntheses (Page 31)

An International Exercise-Based Syllabus in Polymer Chemistry (Page 31)

Essential Tools for Chemistry: A Celebration of IUPAC’s Contributions over the Past 100 Years (Page 32)

Making an imPACt

Pure and Applied Chemistry — Looking back over 2017, Burrows, Hugh D. (Page 34)

How to name atoms in phosphates, polyphosphates, their derivatives and mimics, and transition state analogues for enzyme-catalysed phosphoryl transfer reactions (IUPAC Recommendations 2016) (Page 35)

A critical review of the proposed definitions of fundamental chemical quantities and their impact on chemical communities (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 35)

Preferred names of constitutional units for use in structure-based names of polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2016) (Page 36)

Calibration, standardization, and quantitative analysis of multidimensional fluorescence (MDF) measurements on complex mixtures (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 36)

Conference Call

Innovative new technologies for chemical security, safety, and health, West, Bernard (Page 37)

Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XL, D’Ulivo, Alessandro (Page 38)

Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering , Du Prez, Filip (Page 41)

Development of chemistry within planetary boundaries (7ht ICGC), Mustafin, Dimitry I. (Page 42)

Where 2B & Y (Page 45)

Chemistry for Beauty and Health, 13-16 June 2018, Toruń, Poland

Molecular Imprinting, 24-28 June 2018, Jerusalem, Israel

Solubility Phenomena, 15-20 July 2018, Tours, France

Solution Chemistry, 26-30 August 2018, Szeged, Hungary

Food Science and Technology, 23-27 October 2018, Mumbai, India

8th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry, 9 – 14 September 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Mark Your Calendar

Page 47

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