Top Ten Emerging Chemistry Technologies – Call for input

The Editorial Board of Chemistry International, aiming at highlighting exciting new discoveries in chemistry and describing how these are tackling some of our most pressing needs, is proposing to produce an annual review identifying, describing and celebrating the top ten emerging chemistry technologies that are transforming our discipline. Through this effort, CI would showcase innovative, emerging technological advances in chemistry and inform people about new and exciting discoveries and how they can contribute to our well-being and to a more sustainable future.

For this effort, we are tapping into the expertise of IUPAC community to identify the most relevant chemistry technologies of the past year. For that, we are asking you to complete a short survey and share your suggestion, briefly describing a recent emerging chemistry technology.

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What do we mean by an emerging technology?
An emerging technology is one that is in between a mere new scientific discovery and a fully-commercialized technology. Usually it will involve a solid scientific understanding of the technology, some type of prototype or even some start-ups working to commercialize that technology. However, most importantly, we want that this technology will be exciting and with the capacity to open up new opportunities in chemistry and beyond and help to solve big problems. Please keep in mind that when we say “chemistry technologies” we mean chemistry in a very broad sense including materials, nanotech and biochemistry.

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Photo by Diz Play on Unsplash

postprint SEE 2019 Top Ten, 1 Apr 2019 release

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