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CI3801 Chemistry International January 2016Please click on the following links to view the articles:

Chemistry International Volume 38, Issue 1

Masthead – Full issue pdf

Page i

From the Editor

Meyers, Fabienne

Page ii


Page 1

President’s Column

Tarasova, Natalia

Page 2

IUPAC’s New Strategic Plan

Cesa, Mark

Page 4

A New Approach to Calculating National Subscriptions

Humphris, Colin

Page 6

Chemistry & War: How Chemistry Underpinned the Great War

Freemantle, Michael

Page 8

International Comparisons of Tertiary Chemistry Education: A Best-Practice Approach for Development and Quality Enhancement

Elmgren, Maja / Ho, Felix / Åkesson, Eva

Page 13

GEOTRACES: High-Quality Marine Analytical Chemistry on a Global Scale

Turner, David / Urban, Ed

Page 16

2016 to Be the International Year of Global Understanding

Page 18

Green Chemistry for Life Grant Programme—Call for Applications

Page 18

2016 IUPAC-Richter Prize—Call for Nominations

Page 19

The Hague Ethical Guidelines

Page 19

Crystallography for the Next Generation

Page 20

Light and Chemistry

Page 20

In Memoriam: Robert ‘Bob’ F. T. Stepto

Page 21

In Memoriam: Camille Georges Wermuth

Page 22

Brief Guide to Polymerization Terminology

Page 23

Can Random Motion Look the Same from Different Perspectives?

Page 24

Physisorption of gases, with special reference to the evaluation of surface area and pore size distribution (IUPAC Technical Report)

Thommes, Matthias

Page 25

International Vocabulary of Metrology

Page 25

Seminal InChI Publications

Page 25

Glossary of Terms Used in Extraction

Page 26

Vocabulary of Concepts and Terms in Chemometrics

Page 27

How to Name New Chemical Elements

Page 27

Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Page 27

The Lost Elements: the Periodic Table’s Shadow Side

Page 28

Successful Drug Discovery

Page 29

IUPAC-2015 World Chemistry Congress

Kang, Han-Young

Page 32

Bioinspired and Biobased Chemistry & Materials

Ober, Christopher K.

Page 34

Science at Play

Page 35


Page 35

High Temperature Material Chemistry

Page 36

Chemical Education Sustaining Socio-economic Transformation

Page 36

Science, Disarmament, and Diplomacy in Chemical Education

Page 37

Farewell to Uncle Tungsten’s Nephew

Rabinovich, Daniel

Page 39

Mark Your Calendar

Page 40

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