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  1. Information needed by IUPAC Secretariat

1.1       Send copies of all conference circulars and publicity material to the Secretariat.

1.2       Submit the Conference web address as soon as possible.

1.3       Notify the Secretariat promptly of any changes to public information about the conference.

1.4       Submit names, contact details and provisional lecture titles (if available) of plenary or main lecturers, and update this information as necessary.

1.5       Liaise with the Secretariat to identify a candidate to serve as the IUPAC representative to the conference. The representative should be a current or former Member of an IUPAC Body.

  1. Publication Options

2.1       The Union reserves publication rights as a condition of endorsement, and you are requested to give timely consideration to any publication plans. Publication rights may be waived in response to motivated requests accompanying endorsement application, or in terms of publication policy considerations.

2.2       Details of any plans involving publication coverage in the official IUPAC Journal, Pure and Applied Chemistry will be finalized through discussions between the Scientific Editor and your Conference Editor.

2.3       Publication coverage of events endorsed by the IUPAC Polymer Division is usually offered to Macromolecular Symposia, and the Conference Editor should direct any initial inquiries about this option to the IUPAC Secretariat.

  1. Pre-Conference Responsibilities

3.1       It is a condition of IUPAC endorsement that the principle of free circulation of scientists be applied, and that the following wording be included, unchanged, on all brochures and documentation distributed for the meeting:

“IUPAC endorsement implies that entry visas will be granted to all bona fide chemists provided application is made not less than six months in advance. If a visa is not granted two months before the meeting, the IUPAC Secretariat should be notified without delay by the applicant.”

If entry visas are not made available for all bona fide chemists who follow the above procedure, IUPAC may be obliged to withdraw endorsement.

3.2       If you intend to solicit funds from industry in any country, it is necessary to notify the National Adhering Organization of IUPAC in that country beforehand.

3.3       In your materials, mention the customary 10% registration fee reduction for IUPAC Members, Affiliate Members, and Fellows.

3.4       It is not mandatory, but IUPAC encourages display of the IUPAC logo on all conference Material.  Please request a password to access the logos page: http://www.iupac.org/iupac-logos/

3.5       Prepare a Conference announcement by the due date (indicated in the covering letter), for publication in Chemistry International. The announcement, up to 300 words, should summarize the main features of the Conference program and activities, and include important dates and deadlines. Early publication of this announcement will inform a worldwide readership and provide valuable and timely publicity for the Conference.

  1. During the Event

4.1       The IUPAC representative should be allowed to make a brief presentation about the Union. We also ask that you waive the registration fee for the representative.

  1. After the Event

Please submit a Conference Report to the Secretariat after the event, suitable for publication in Chemistry International. This report should summarize the highlights of the event, and may include information about speakers and lecture subjects, as well as plans for the next conference in the series.   A couple of photographs would be appreciated.


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