PAC invites your submission

Pure and Applied Chemistry invites your submission of research articles and reviews

We are pleased to announce that Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) now invites submissions of research articles and review articles.

By inviting the global community to submit their research to PAC, the journal supports IUPAC’s mission to advocate the free exchange of scientific information, unite chemists worldwide, and ultimately advance pure and applied chemistry.

Publication of IUPAC’s formal Recommendations and Technical Reports remains by invitation only.

All submissions to PAC can be made via the online submission site. Detailed instructions for authors can be found on the journal homepage.




PAC is the flagship journal of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).  PAC advances chemistry worldwide by publishing:

  • IUPAC formal Recommendations and Technical Reports
    This is where you will find the very latest IUPAC recommendations on data standards, nomenclature and terminology. Next to the IUPAC Colour Books, PAC is the only authoritative source for IUPAC recommendations, which are published after an exceptionally rigorous review process to provide standards that you can trust.
  • Research and Review articles that explore critical areas of development in chemistry
    PAC articles identify dynamic areas of chemistry with significant impact on global advancement. This is your source to remain at the forefront of chemistry.
  • Special issues on emergent and topical concerns in the chemical sciences
    PAC special issues highlight pioneering technologies, foster innovative collaboration across chemical disciplines and showcase examples of chemistry standards and FAIR data principles in practice.

PAC provides you with the best examples of practical open chemistry, as a part of IUPAC’s mission to provide the common language for chemistry and support the free exchange of scientific information.


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Release published in Chem Int Apr 2024, p. 30

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