Latest breakthroughs in Chemistry … coming to Paris

Owing to the broad scientific profile of the congress programme, which is largely based on long term, multidisciplinary goals, several equally compelling areas of chemistry research were judged to be underrepresented, as reflected from the contents of the submitted abstracts. Accordingly, a number of scientists have expressed that they have significant difficulties in identifying events that are more in line with their particular research interests. Therefore, there has been some concern that the latest developments in supramolecular organization, reaction method development, homogeneous catalysis, controlled polymer syntheses, well defined macromolecular architectures, and functional polymer materials are not appropriately represented.

This new symposium consists of several half-day sessions that are dedicated to the areas of research noted above. These sessions have been designed so as to offer a maximum of oral as well as poster presentations.

  • Session CT.7.1: Frontiers in Supramolecular Materials
    Organizers: Bert MEIJER (TU/e, Eindhoven, NL), Jean-Marie LEHN (ISIS, UNISTRA, Strasbourg, FR)
  • Session CT.7.2: Highlights in Organic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis
    Organizers: Amir HOVEYDA (ISIS, UNISTRA, Strasbourg, FR and Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA), Janine COSSY (ESPCI, Paris, FR)
  • Session CT.7.3: From Advanced Polymerizations to Controlled Macromolecular Architectures and Functional Polymer Materials
    Organizers: Krzysztof MATYJASZEWSKI (U-Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA), Laurent Bouteiller (IPCM, Sorbonne Université, Paris, FR)


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