IUPAC Standards Online – FREE ACCESS IN 2024

Secure your free access to IUPAC Standards Online until 31 December 2024.

Simply go to this page: https://www.degruyter.com/accessLink/IUPACdb2024 for activation. You will need a user account on degruyter.com to access the database; you will then have free access to all articles until the end of the year.

IUPAC Standards Online is a database built from IUPAC’s standards and recommendations, which are extracted from the journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC). “Standards” are definitions of terms, standard values, procedures, rules for naming compounds and materials, names and properties of elements in the periodic table, and many more. The database is the only product that provides for the quick and easy search and retrieval of IUPAC’s standards and recommendations which until now have remained unclassified within the huge Pure and Applied Chemistry archive.


IUPAC and De Gruyter

In addition to the IUPAC Standards Database, De Gruyter is proud to partner with IUPAC in the publication of the society’s flagship monthly journal, Pure and Applied Chemistry, as well as the society’s quarterly newsmagazine, Chemistry International, and the new Open Access journal Chemistry Teacher International. Links to all of the IUPAC Content available on De Gruyter Online can be found at the IUPAC & De Gruyter Home Page, alongside special content, such as themed Virtual Issues of content drawn from across journals and volume years.


Release published in Chem Int Apr 2024, p. 30

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