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5 Jul 2023 - 7 Jul 2023

3rd International Conference on Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

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Aerogels are advanced, highly porous materials designed to meet the criteria of biomedical or environmental applications. They can be used as drug carriers, bone grafts, or wound dressings in biomedical applications and as insulators, absorbents, sensors, and catalysts in environmental applications.

The 3rd International Conference on Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications plans to draw the attention of the international community by opening the topics covering the major fields in aerogel science and by inviting the high-level researchers from around the world with the expertise in diverse areas of polymer chemistry.

In total, 3 plenary lectures and around 40 lectures will be delivered at the conference. The presence of prominent speakers together with participants from industry will guarantee a high level of discussions on the present and future of material (aerogel) science.

This conference aims to assemble and integrate the most recent progress in aerogels’ scientific and technological knowledge. The focus will also be on networking, creating, and strengthening collaborations in the aerogel community through poster sessions, social events, coffee breaks, and meals.

Chair of the Program Committee: Zoran Novak
University of Maribor, Slovenia
E-mail: [email protected]

A report has been published in Chem Int Jan 2024; https://doi.org/10.1515/ci-2024-0125