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Chemistry International Volume 44, Issue 3

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cover: In July 1928 in The Hague, The Netherlands, there was sufficient attention at the IUPAC conference for cheerfulness and entertainment. On Saturday, 21 July, all chemists “and their wives” were invited for a cup of tea at the Wiltzangk estate. This made for a memorable garden party. See the story behind the picture, page 4. Photo from the album of Professor Dr. E.J. Cohen, 1928-1933, Utrecht University Museum, 0285-25630; reprinted with permission.

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Archives of Chemistry International

Treasurer’s Column

Wir schaffen das! (“we can do it!”) (2-3)
by Wolfram Koch


The Garden Party at Wiltzangk (4-7)
by Jorrit Smit

The 2021 IUPAC World Chemistry Leadership Meeting: A Global Conversation on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry (8-11)
by Jeremy Frey, Bonnie Lawlor, Leah McEwen, Christopher Ober, and Antony William

Benign by Design:
The search for biodegradable drugs 12
by Anthony King

Not just Good Chemistry
by Klaus Kümmerer and Vânia G. Zuin-Zeidler

The Table of Standard Atomic Weights
TSAW—a lifelong challenge or simply an unsolved mystery? 19
by Thomas Prohaska

—An Exercise in Consensus 21
by Ty Coplen




Winners of the 2022 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists (24)

Hanwha-TotalEnergies IUPAC Young Polymer Scientist Award 2022 (24)

The 8th Polymer International-IUPAC Award Goes to Zachary Hudson (26)

2023 Distinguished Women in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Award—Call for Nominations (26)

GWB2023 Sponsorship Opportunities (27)

Scientific Editor for Pure and Applied Chemistry— Call for Nominations (29)

IUPAC Centenary Endowment Board—Call for members (29)

IUPAC Blue Book (29)

IUPAC Emeritus Fellows (30)

Project Place



Terms for Mechanisms of Polymer Growth (31)

Digital Representation of Units of Measurement (31)

IUPAC Green Book—Update and More (32)


Making an imPACt

Seabed mining and blue growth: exploring the potential of marine mineral deposits as a sustainable source of rare earth elements (MaREEs) (IUPAC Technical Report) (33)
Fani Sakellariadou, et al. PAC, 2022, Vol. 94, no. 3, pp. 329-351 ;

Standard atomic weights of the elements 2021 (IUPAC Technical Report) (33)
Thomas Prohaska, et al. PAC, 2022, Vol. 94, no. 5, pp. 573-600;

Terminology and the naming of conjugates based on polymers or other substrates (IUPAC Recommendations 2021) (34)
Michel Vert, et al. PAC, 2022, Vol. 94, no. 5, pp. 559-571;

Glossary of terms used in physical organic chemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 2021) (35)
Charles L. Perrin, et al. PAC, 2022, Vol. 94, no. 4, pp. 353-534 ;

Synthesis design using mass related metrics, environmental metrics, and health metrics (35)
Marco Eissen, PAC, 2022, Vol. 94, No. 2, pp. 215-245 ;



Cheminformatics: Data and Standards (36)
A Pure and Applied Chemistry Special Issue Vol 94, Issue 6, June 2022
prefaced by Vincent F. Scalfani (Guest editor)

Systematic Nomenclature of Organic, Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry. Chemical-Abstracts Guidelines with IUPAC Recommendations and Many Trivial Names (39)
reviewed by Molly Strausbaugh, Edwin Constable, Andrey Yerin, and Ture Damhus


Conference Call

InChI Open Meeting
by Jonathan Goodman, Gerd Blanke, Rudy Potenzone, and Steve Heller


Mark Your Calendar


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