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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 3


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Research Papers from the 21st International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC-21)

Budnikova, Yulia H.

Page 279

Sterically protected organophosphorus compounds of unusual structures

Yoshifuji, Masaaki

Page 281

Estimation of the phosphorus loading with consideration for the planetary boundaries (for the Russian Federation as an example)

Tarasova, Natalia P. / Makarova, Anna S. / Vasileva, Evgeniya G. / Savelova, Diana D.

Page 287

Cyclic aminomethylphosphines as ligands. Rational design and unpredicted findings

Karasik, Andrey A. / Musina, Elvira I. / Balueva, Anna S. / Strelnik, Igor D. / Sinyashin, Oleg G.

Page 293

Eco-efficient electrocatalytic C–P bond formation

Budnikova, Yulia H. / Gryaznova, Tatyana V. / Grinenko, Valeriya V. / Dudkina, Yulia B. / Khrizanforov, Mikhail N.

Page 311

Macrocyclic tetrakis-phosphines and their copper(I) complexes

Musina, Elvira I. / Wittmann, Tatiana I. / Dobrynin, Alexey B. / Lönnecke, Peter / Hey-Hawkins, Evamarie / Karasik, Andrey A. / Sinyashin, Oleg G.

Page 331

Strategies toward phosphorus-containing PAHs and the effect of P-substitution on the electronic properties

Szűcs, Rózsa / Riobé, François / Escande, Aude / Joly, Damien / Bouit, Pierre-Antoine / Nyulászi, László / Hissler, Muriel

Page 341

Recent progress in asymmetric synthesis of aminophosphonic acids mediated by chiral sulfinyl auxiliary

Mikołajczyk, Marian / Łyżwa, Piotr

Page 357

Exploring allene chemistry using phosphorus-based allenes as scaffolds

Swamy, K. C. Kumara / Anitha, Mandala / Gangadhararao, G. / Rama Suresh, R.

Page 367

Hydroxylated phosphines as ligands for chalcogenide clusters: self assembly, transformations and stabilization

Sokolov, Maxim N. / Anyushin, Alexander V. / Hernandez-Molina, Rita / Llusar, Rosa / Basallote, Manuel G.

Page 379

Polarity and structure of derivatives of bis(2-phenylethyl)selenophosphinic acid

Vereshchagina, Yana / Khanafieva, Rezeda / Chachkov, Denis / Ishmaeva, Eleonora / Malysheva, Svetlana / Gusarova, Nina / Trofimov, Boris

Page 393

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