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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 88, Issue 7


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Exploiting structural and conformational effects for a site-selective lithiation of azetidines

Parisi, Giovanna / Zenzola, Marina / Capitanelli, Emanuela / Carlucci, Claudia / Romanazzi, Giuseppe / Pisano, Luisa / Degennaro, Leonardo / Luisi, Renzo

Page 631

Extraction for analytical scale sample preparation (IUPAC Technical Report)

Poole, Colin / Mester, Zoltan / Miró, Manuel / Pedersen-Bjergaard, Stig / Pawliszyn, Janusz

Page 649

Review of footnotes and annotations to the 1949–2013 tables of standard atomic weights and tables of isotopic compositions of the elements (IUPAC Technical Report)

Coplen, Tyler B. / Holden, Norman E.

Page 689

Guidelines for measurement of luminescence spectra and quantum yields of inorganic and organometallic compounds in solution and solid state (IUPAC Technical Report)

Ishida, Hitoshi / Bünzli, Jean-Claude / Beeby, Andrew

Page 701

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