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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 1


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Burrows, Hugh D. / Weir, Ron

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Organogels for the cleaning of artifacts

Pianorsi, Maria Diletta / Raudino, Martina / Bonelli, Nicole / Chelazzi, David / Giorgi, Rodorico / Fratini, Emiliano / Baglioni, Piero

Page 3

Synthesis and characterization of a new hydrogen bonded side chain liquid crystal block copolymer and investigation of electrical properties

Korkmaz, Burak / Özerol, Esma Ahlatcıoğlu / Bozdoğan, Ayşegül Çelik / Okutan, Mustafa / Şenkal, Bahire Filiz / Gursel, Yesim Hepuzer

Page 19

Hybrid nanocomposites made of diol-modified silanes and nanostructured calcium hydroxide. Applications to Alum-treated wood

Andriulo, Fabrizio / Giorgi, Rodorico / Steindal, Calin Constantin / Kutzke, Hartmut / Braovac, Susan / Baglioni, Piero

Page 29

Functional polyketones for the removal of calcium and magnesium from water (part I): synthesis and chemical characterization

Figaroa, Patrick A. / Miedema, Henk / Euverink, Gert-Jan / Picchioni, Francesco

Page 41

Functional polyketones for the removal of calcium and magnesium from water (Part II): cross-linking and functional characterization

Figaroa, Patrick A. / Miedema, Henk / Euverink, Gert-Jan / Picchioni, Francesco

Page 51

Mixed-ligand aminoalcohol-dicarboxylate copper(II) coordination polymers as catalysts for the oxidative functionalization of cyclic alkanes and alkenes

Kirillova, Marina V. / Paiva, Polyana Tomé de / Carvalho, Wagner A. / Mandelli, Dalmo / Kirillov, Alexander M.

Page 61

Structural variability in M2+ 2-hydroxyphosphonoacetate moderate proton conductors

Colodrero, Rosario M. P. / Salcedo, Inés R. / Bazaga-García, Montse / Milla-Pérez, Diego F. / Durán-Martín, Jonatan D. / Losilla, Enrique R. / Moreno-Real, Laureano / Rius, Jordi / Aranda, Miguel A. G. / Demadis, Konstantinos D. / Olivera-Pastor, Pascual / Cabeza, Aurelio

Page 75

Effects of ZnO crystals synthesized in presence of CMI biopolymer on PHBV properties

Bekat, Tugce / Oner, Mualla

Page 89

Chelators confined into 80pvac-borax highly viscous dispersions for the removal of gypsum degradation layers

Berlangieri, Chiara / Andrina, Elisabetta / Matarrese, Caterina / Carretti, Emiliano / Traversi, Rita / Severi, Mirko / Chelazzi, David / Dei, Luigi / Baglioni, Piero

Page 97

Synthesis and characterization of vinyl derivatives of naphthalene-2,7-diol as a photoluminescent dopant useful in optical materials

Gil, Małgorzata / Podkościelna, Beata / Gawdzik, Barbara / Bartnicki, Andrzej / Podkościelny, Wiesław / Demirci, Gokhan

Page 111

The effect of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on crystallization and thermomechanical properties of PLLA matrix

Athanasoulia, Ioanna-Georgia I. / Christoforidis, Maximos N. / Korres, Dimitrios M. / Tarantili, Petroula A.

Page 125

Preparation and characterization of polyethylene glycol/poly(L-lactic acid) blends

Athanasoulia, Ioanna-Georgia / Tarantili, Petroula A.

Page 141

Effect of conductive copolymers on scale formation of gypsum

Dogan, Özlem / Senol Erdemir, Cagri / Akyol, Emel / Kirboga, Semra / Öner, Mualla

Page 153

New approach in the application of lignin for the synthesis of hybrid materials

Podkościelna, Beata / Goliszek, Marta / Sevastyanova, Olena

Page 161

Microwave energy assisted carbonization of nanostructured conducting polymers for their potential use in energy storage applications

Poyraz, Selcuk / Flogel, Marissa / Liu, Zhen / Zhang, Xinyu

Page 173

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