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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 90, Issue 2


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{Conference papers} 
{Papers from the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry (ICGC-6)}

Foreword to the Special Issue dedicated to the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry

Tarasova, Natalia P.

Page 233

The 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry 4–8 September 2016 – Venezia (Italy)

Tundo, Pietro / Scott, Janet L. / Han, Buxing

Page 235

Sustainability in art conservation: a novel bio-based organogel for the cleaning of water sensitive works of art

Prati, Silvia / Volpi, Francesca / Fontana, Raffaella / Galletti, Paola / Giorgini, Loris / Mazzeo, Rocco / Mazzocchetti, Laura / Samorì, Chiara / Sciutto, Giorgia / Tagliavini, Emilio

Page 239

Facile and sustainable functionalization of graphene layers with pyrrole compounds

Barbera, Vincenzina / Bernardi, Andrea / Palazzolo, Alberto / Rosengart, Alessandro / Brambilla, Luigi / Galimberti, Maurizio

Page 253

Studies to optimize the process of biofuel production from castor stalk

Kotia, Vasudha / Vijayaraghavan, Rangananthan / Rangaswamy, Vidhya / Aduri, Pavankumar / Noronha, Santosh B. / MacFarlane, Douglas R. / Patti, Antonio F.

Page 271

Catalytic processes in the chemistry of lactic acid and PLLA: enzymatic stereoselective alcoholysis of rac-lactide

Shuklov, Ivan A. / Shuklov, Alexey D. / Dubrovina, Natalia V. / Kühlein, Klaus / Börner, Armin

Page 285

Valorisation of chitinous biomass for antimicrobial applications

Jardine, Anwar / Sayed, Shakeela

Page 293

Evaluating the potential of natural surfactants in the petroleum industry: the case of hydrophobins

Blesic, Marijana / Dichiarante, Valentina / Milani, Roberto / Linder, Markus / Metrangolo, Pierangelo

Page 305

The coupling of carbon dioxide with ethene to produce acrylic acid sodium salt in one pot by using Ni(II) and Pd(II)-phosphine complexes as precatalysts

Vavasori, Andrea / Calgaro, Loris / Pietrobon, Luca / Ronchin, Lucio

Page 315

Graphene hydrogel supported palladium nanoparticles as an efficient and reusable heterogeneous catalysts in the transfer hydrogenation of nitroarenes using ammonia borane as a hydrogen source

Eghbali, Paria / Nişancı, Bilal / Metin, Önder

Page 327

Formates for green catalytic reductions via CO2 hydrogenation, mediated by magnetically recoverable catalysts

Ronchin, Lucio / Tortato, Claudio / Pavanetto, Alessio / Miolo, Mattia / Demenev, Evgeny / Vavasori, Andrea

Page 337

An ion-exchange strategy for I-doped BiOCOOH nanoplates with enhanced visible light photocatalytic NOx removal

Feng, Xin / Li, Xinwei / Cui, Wen / Dong, Fan / Zhang, Tierui

Page 353

Design and synthesis of organic sensitizers with enhanced anchoring stability in dye-sensitized solar cells

Reginato, Gianna / Calamante, Massimo / Zani, Lorenzo / Mordini, Alessandro / Franchi, Daniele

Page 363

Molecular iodine as a mild catalyst for cross-coupling of alkenes and alcohols

Čebular, Klara / Stavber, Stojan

Page 377

Green multicomponent synthesis of four different classes of six-membered N-containing and O-containing heterocycles catalyzed by an efficient chitosan-based magnetic bionanocomposite

Maleki, Ali / Ghassemi, Mina / Firouzi-Haji, Razieh

Page 387

{IUPAC Technical Report}

Interpreting and propagating the uncertainty of the standard atomic weights (IUPAC Technical Report)

Possolo, Antonio / van der Veen, Adriaan M. H. / Meija, Juris / Hibbert, D. Brynn
{see IUPAC project 2013-032-1-200}

Page 395

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